Aug 042016

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We’re kind of big fans of Angry Birds around here.  When she was around three, Bubbles was sitting with Daddy while he was playing Angry Birds on his phone.  She reached down and after a few minutes was successfully passing levels like a pro.

How to Host the Ultimate Angry Birds Party for the Whole Family!

Because Bubbles starts school next week we’ve been trying to pack as much extra fun into the last week or two of summer.  I had wanted to take her to see the Angry Birds movie in theaters but we didn’t get the chance.  So I decided we’d do an at-home Angry Birds movie party instead! Continue reading »

Aug 032016

I’m planning an Angry Birds family movie night as part of our countdown to school starting.  I’ve been trying to think of fun touches to make it extra-special, like games, foods, and other treats.

Quick & Easy Red Bird Angry Birds Marshmallow Pops

I considered making cupcakes or cake pops but then I thought about how much Bubbles loves marshmallows.  So instead I decided to make these “Red Bird” Angry Birds Marshmallow Pops. Continue reading »

Sep 112013

National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day is this Friday, September 13th.  I love any excuse to get cooking with kids in the kitchen.  Not only does cooking help teach math skills, it’s also an important life skill; they’re going to need to feed themselves some day, right?

It’s not a day that existed when I was a kid, but I spent plenty of time in the kitchen baking treats and making dinner for my family.  I baked a Cookie Monster cake and decorated it by hand – all that blue fur with a “grass” decorating tip – for my brother’s 3rd or 4th birthday.  And I regularly made dinner for my parents on their wedding anniversary.

Cooking with Kids – 10 Recipes

While Bubbles is a little young to let loose in the kitchen on her own, she absolutely loves to help prepare meals.  She spreads her own peanut butter and jelly on her sandwiches, helps pour water for cooking mac & cheese, and measures out ingredients for cookies and other baked treats.  She’s also great at adding cheese and other toppings to pizza.

Cooking with Kids: 10 Recipes Kids Can Cook

I reached out to some fellow bloggers and others to put together a list of recipes that your kids will be able to make either on their own, or with minimal help (like putting something in and taking something out of the oven).  There are also a couple of recipes that you can do together with younger kiddos.  Hopefully you’ll end up having dinner prepared and served for you on Friday.  But don’t forget – the cook doesn’t clean, so it may be your turn to do the dishes!

Roasted Sweet Potato Shapes – Views From the ‘Ville (pictured above)
Pizza Pinwheels – Newlywed Survival (pictured above)
Loaded Baked Banana Boats – This Flourishing Life
Angry Birds Waffles – Sunshine and Sippy Cups (pictured above)
Copycat Red Lobster Biscuits – Views From the ‘Ville (pictured above)
No-Bake Fresh Fruit Tarts – A Nation of Moms (pictured above)
Candy Sushi – SusieQTpies Cafe
Dipped Marshmallows – Views From the ‘Ville (pictured above)
Individual Biscuit Pizzas – Nicki’s Random Musings
Pear Penguins –

And here’s a bonus! Your kids can make these Homemade Dog Treats from Two Little Cavaliers for your four-footed family members.

What are your favorite recipes for cooking with kids?

Apr 302013

Our family loves games of all sorts.  Video games, card games, board games, active games.  If you can play it, we probably will give it a try.  So we were pretty excited when we recently had the chance to have a family game night with games from Hasbro.  They sent some of their new toys based on Angry Birds, an app that the entire family at one point or another has spent hours flinging birds at gravity-defying structures.  The extra-cool part is that these Angry Bird toys are based on the Star Wars franchise, something we all love.

Hasbro Angry Birds Star Wars Family Games

Bubbles loves anything that comes in the mail but was especially intrigued by a box sealed with a cool Angry Birds Star Wars sticker.  “What is it Mama?  What is it Mama?” she kept asking as we opened it.  Before I even had all the flaps open she stuck her little hand in and pulled out what may be the coolest foam ball I’ve ever seen.  It was a Chewbacca Angry Birds™ Star Wars™ Foam Flyer and seriously – so cute.  She claimed it for herself and ran off to “show Daddy, show Daddy!”

Angry Birds Star Wars Foam Flyer and AT-AT Attack Battle Games

Continue reading »