Sep 152014

If you were to look at the apps on my phone, in addition to all the social media apps (and the requisite farming games), you’d also find quite a few preschooler apps.  She thinks they’re fun, and I love that she’s learning while playing them.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t know what a habitat or all the planets when I was 3; score one for technology.

11 Fun and Educational Apps for Kids from has quite a few educational apps for kids available.  Here are five that you might like. Continue reading »

Jun 262014

Back before Christmas I shared a really fun playset from Pinypon. The Ski Lodge and Snow Car were perfect for the winter months, letting Bubbles have some pretend snow play to match the season, especially on the days it was too cold to actually go out in the snow. Long after the weather has turned warm, she’s still played with it consistently.

Pinypon Aquapark Adventures Playset

We have been so pleased with all our products from Famosa that when they asked if we’d like to try the Pinypon Aquapark Adventures set, I definitely said yes. The quality and attention to detail that they pay with their products always makes them a home run. Continue reading »

Apr 212014

Recently we received a copy of the new My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: A Dash of Awesome DVD.  Bubbles discovered the show on TV not too long ago and really seemed to enjoy it, so it was good timing for us to share our thoughts with you on it.

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic: A Dash of Awesome is a compilation of episodes all about Rainbow Dash.  Rainbow Dash is actually one of the ponies I remember from when I was growing up, and I always enjoyed her spunk and enthusiasm, so this was a fun DVD for us to watch.  We were pleasantly surprised at how much content there was, too, as the DVD was a full 120 minutes.

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: A Dash of Awesome

My favorite episode on the DVD was “May The Best Pet Win!”  Rainbow Dash is trying to choose the best pet for her and there are a lot that would like the job.  She tends to think that her pet needs to be special, fast, and better than anyone else.  So she sets up a competition to pick the winner, but learns a little something about what makes a good companion along the way. Continue reading »

Mar 312014

I love to watch Bubbles’ creativeness grow as she does.  Her playtime has gotten more complex, as have her building skills.  It’s fun to see the structures she puts together, and then to see the stories she creates around them.

Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventures Set #AmericanBuilders

Blocks are some of her favorite, and we spend a lot of time building with them.  So when we recently had the opportunity to review the new Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventure set, I was excited to see what she would think about it.  Blocks plus trucks would equal lots of fun for her, I was sure. Continue reading »

Feb 132014

Bubbles has always loved music, as I think most kids do.  As she gets older, though, she seems to enjoy it more and more.  Part of our morning routine is dancing and singing together, whether it’s to the theme songs of her favorite cartoons, country music videos on TV, or music streamed from my phone over our speakers.

When the GiggleBellies offered to send us a collection of their award-winning GiggleBellies Musical Adventures music videos on DVD, I said yes, thinking these would be right up Bubbles’ alley.  I hadn’t heard of them before, but I thought they’d be cute little videos, a fun distraction in the middle of all this cold, snow, and ice.  They ended up being so much more!

GiggleBellies DVD 3-Pack and Peanuts the Elephant

To say that Bubbles loves these videos is an understatement.  I was on my way out the door when the package arrived, but when I returned home, my husband said she’d already watched all three of the included DVDs, one of which was a collection of lullabies.  Each disc has anywhere from 9 to 13 animated videos done in 3D, and each one is about 2-3 minutes or so. Continue reading »