Jun 222015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. The Hot Brown-inspired hot dog recipe, photos and opinions are mine alone. #WhatAGrillWants #CollectiveBias

Kentucky is famous for a number of things you’ve probably heard of.  Horses and horse racing, the Louisville Slugger, Kentucky Bluegrass.  But you may or may not be familiar with one of Louisville’s most famous offerings: the Hot Brown.

My Hot Brown Hot Dog Recipe is inspired by the Hot Brown sandwich made famous here in Louisville, KY.  It's topped with fresh diced tomatoes and a yummy Mornay sauce with two kinds of cheese!

It’s an open-faced turkey sandwich with sliced tomatoes, Mornay sauce and some other tastiness.  The flavors go together really nicely and I was trying to think of other ways to pair them together.  And I came up with this Hot Brown-inspired Hot Dog recipe for you all. Continue reading »

Sep 052014

This steak kabobs recipe post is sponsored by Kingsford and Walmart. All words and opinions are my own.

I love early fall.  The leaves turn, the weather cools off, and football season starts.  One of the best ways to combine all those things? Tailgating!

I’ve been grilling since high school pretty much anything I could throw over fire.  Pizza, burgers, corn.

Grilled Steak Kabobs & Steak Marinade Recipe

Most recently I’ve started making steak kabobs.  I like that you get both veggies and protein all in the same bite.  And they’re so easy to customize that your family and guests can choose their favorite ingredients and make them just to their liking. Continue reading »

Aug 122012

Need Some Backyard Tailgating Ideas?

I know I’ve mentioned a few times that we are big football fans around here; when you live in Kentucky, it’s almost a requirement.  We love it in all it’s forms: from high school, to college, to the pros.  Bubbles even attended her first game before she was born!

Blank Backyard Canvas Perfect for a Dream Tailgating Spot #SummerWithSears

Great space for Bubbles to, well, chase some bubbles! But needs a little work before it’s a Backyard Dream Tailgating spot!

Along with football, though, comes another fun activity that we enjoy – and that’s tailgating!  And just because you can’t actually get to every game it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on tailgating; you just home-gate, instead.  We have a good blank canvas (as you can see above) for backyard tailgating at our new place, but it needs a few things to jazz it up a bit first. Continue reading »

Jun 232012

Growing up my family cooked out often.  My parents, brothers, Grandmother & Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, and my Aunt & Uncle’s kids were always getting together for a holiday, birthday, celebration, or just because it was a nice day.  One thing that always sticks out in my mind about those gatherings was my Gram always ate last – and not just because she was always making sure everyone had enough on their plates.  She liked her burgers well-done – so well-done my Grandfather always teased her about eating charcoal – so hers took the longest to cook.

It wasn’t hard to tell her burger from the others, but over time people would request their burgers medium or well-done, with spices and sauces or without, or even a veggie or turkey burger versus beef.  That can get a little confusing for whomever is tending the grill, especially if they’re also trying to talk to the other guests and tend other entrees like chicken and hot dogs. Continue reading »

Jun 192012

It’s summer and that usually means a lot of grilling and backyard barbecues.  I enjoy doing a little grilling myself.  Back in high school I started grilling pizzas for my friends during the summer and they were a hit.  I still like to fire up a pizza every now and then, but for the most part, I leave cooking with an open flame to the real grill master – my hubby.

Char Crust Roasted Peppercorn Garlic RubChar Crust Original Hickory GrilledChar Crust Ginger TeriyakiChar Crust Smoky Spicy Southwest

Continue reading »