Aug 122012

Need Some Backyard Tailgating Ideas?

I know I’ve mentioned a few times that we are big football fans around here; when you live in Kentucky, it’s almost a requirement.  We love it in all it’s forms: from high school, to college, to the pros.  Bubbles even attended her first game before she was born!

Blank Backyard Canvas Perfect for a Dream Tailgating Spot #SummerWithSears

Great space for Bubbles to, well, chase some bubbles! But needs a little work before it’s a Backyard Dream Tailgating spot!

Along with football, though, comes another fun activity that we enjoy – and that’s tailgating!  And just because you can’t actually get to every game it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on tailgating; you just home-gate, instead.  We have a good blank canvas (as you can see above) for backyard tailgating at our new place, but it needs a few things to jazz it up a bit first. Continue reading »