Jun 232012

Growing up my family cooked out often.  My parents, brothers, Grandmother & Grandfather, Aunt, Uncle, and my Aunt & Uncle’s kids were always getting together for a holiday, birthday, celebration, or just because it was a nice day.  One thing that always sticks out in my mind about those gatherings was my Gram always ate last – and not just because she was always making sure everyone had enough on their plates.  She liked her burgers well-done – so well-done my Grandfather always teased her about eating charcoal – so hers took the longest to cook.

It wasn’t hard to tell her burger from the others, but over time people would request their burgers medium or well-done, with spices and sauces or without, or even a veggie or turkey burger versus beef.  That can get a little confusing for whomever is tending the grill, especially if they’re also trying to talk to the other guests and tend other entrees like chicken and hot dogs. Continue reading »