Nov 272016

Christmas tree decorating traditions are some of my most favorite holiday traditions.  From hiking out with my Dad and brothers to cut the family Christmas tree to some of the new traditions I’ve adopted since marrying there are plenty of tree decorating memories to make me smile.

5 Christmas Tree Decorating Traditions that you can easily try with your own family.

In the past Bubbles has looked at the Christmas tree with awe and wanted to touch each ornament as it was hung.  This year she was even more excited to participate in decorating process.  Thank you to Hallmark for sending us new ornaments to compliment our Christmas tree decorating traditions. Continue reading »

Dec 082014

The year I was born I became part of a very special family tradition.  That year my Grandmother gave me my first Hallmark Keepsake Ornament.  Each year after that I received a new one; some years she selected one for me, some years I was able to share a little input on my favorites.

Our family Christmas tree decorated with Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Fast forward 36 years and those ornaments – including that Baby’s First Christmas one – grace my tree.  And in addition to capturing special moments and interests from each year, that was the goal.  That by the time I (and later my brothers and cousins) grew up and moved out on our own we wouldn’t have a bare Christmas tree. Continue reading »

Jul 142013

This Santa Belly Ornament is so cute, you’ll want to make a whole set of them to give to friends and family.  You may have even seen them on Pinterest. Some people I know do themed trees or multiple trees to decorate with, and if you have a Santa-only tree you’ll want a few of these, for sure.  They’re fairly fast and easy to complete, and with the tips I can share through my own trial and error, you’ll have no trouble at all.

Christmas in July: 31 Days of Christmas Crafts, Recipes, DIY & More - DIY Santa Belly Ornament Continue reading »

Jan 262012

Matter of Cents and I are excited to bring you another week of Pin Me! Pinterest Thursdays.

This week I asked those of you who are following me on Facebook for your theme suggestions, as this week is Reader’s Choice. I’ll be saving the other suggestions for some future posts, but I selected the “Crafts/DIY” option for this week. Here are a few of my faves.

Wedding Invitation Ornament
This one is actually one of my own crafts; I made it for my brother and new sis-in-law.
DIY Projects: Ornament Made From a Wedding Invitation - Great Gift for the Couple

Continue reading »

Nov 152011

While I love Thanksgiving and will take time to savor and enjoy the holiday, I can’t deny that I look forward to the day after Thanksgiving for two reasons.  First is Black Friday, that fast and furious day of shopping where the deals are plentiful (and where common courtesy and patience often are not).  The second reason is because we finally get to decorate for Christmas.

Decorating is one of my favorite parts of the season and I’m lucky that my hubby cheerfully offers to put the tree up as early as I want.  He offered to put it up for me this weekend but Baby C. is in to everything right now and I knew it only meant two extra weeks of chasing her amazingly fast little self down and keeping her from trying to climb the thing.

So we’ll do it Thanksgiving evening or the day after.  But just because I’m not decorating yet doesn’t mean I’m not crafting (and buying) ornaments!

DIY Button Wreath Christmas Ornament

Button ornaments have been around for ages, so this may not be all that new for you.  But they’re inexpensive to make and get put together very quickly so they’re easy to do as a family craft, at an ornament exchange with friends or just to mass-produce on your own to decorate the tree or give as gifts. Continue reading »