Dec 012016

Bubbles loves Shopkins and I have to admit that I do too!  We love the mystery of what’s in the little blind bags and then matching them up to the guide to find the name and rarity.

Make my easy-peasy DIY Shopkins Advent Calendar for your little Shopkins fans! It's the perfect way to count down to Christmas. Includes tutorial & free templates, plus a secret to make it resuable year after year

She’s been very interested in the advent calendars we’ve seen in stores this year.  I had been wanting to try my hand at making a DIY advent calendar so with her newfound interest in them I decided now was the time. Continue reading »

Nov 272016

Christmas tree decorating traditions are some of my most favorite holiday traditions.  From hiking out with my Dad and brothers to cut the family Christmas tree to some of the new traditions I’ve adopted since marrying there are plenty of tree decorating memories to make me smile.

5 Christmas Tree Decorating Traditions that you can easily try with your own family.

In the past Bubbles has looked at the Christmas tree with awe and wanted to touch each ornament as it was hung.  This year she was even more excited to participate in decorating process.  Thank you to Hallmark for sending us new ornaments to compliment our Christmas tree decorating traditions. Continue reading »

Nov 152016

Christmas is less than a month and a half away!  Over the weekend we put up our tree, decorated the house, and baked some cookies.  We also worked on some reindeer crafts, like a jingle bell reindeer necklace and cute DIY reindeer treat cups that look like Rudolph.

These Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Treat Cups are quick & easy to make! An entire collection of DIY reindeer can be on your table in just a few minutes.

We still have a long list of Christmas crafts that we have planned including some photo ornaments and possibly a DIY advent calendar.  But I wanted to share the tutorial for this easy mini clay pot Rudolph craft so you’d have time to pick up the clay pots. Continue reading »

Oct 262013

Thank you to Cuddle Barn for providing a Grandma Cookie Bear to add some Christmas cheer to our table.  All words and opinions are 100% my own.

Decorating for Christmas has been kind of a big deal my whole life.  For as long as I can remember, my parents went out of their way to make the season special for us.  The excitement would start when my father headed upstairs to drag the huge boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments down from the attic.  We’d then usually bundle up and head out to the woods on our property to cut our trees, including a mini one for each of the kids’ bedrooms.

I’m thankful that I married someone that not only indulges me but also enjoys decorating for the season, as well.  We usually put the tree and other decorations up the week of Thanksgiving.  Putting things up just a bit early allows Ashley to participate.  After the short Thanksgiving break they have, she doesn’t usually get home again until the semester ends just before Christmas.

The Talking Grandma Cookie Bear from Cuddle Barn is a Sweet #Christmas Decoration

This year we have an adorable new addition to our Christmas decorations.  The Grandma Cookie Bear from Cuddle Barn recently came to live with us and will likely be claiming a spot in our dining room.  It seems like an appropriate place for a bear that likes to bake! Continue reading »

Dec 152011
Make at Home Monday is late this week, but I wanted to share with you a quick and easy decorative Christmas craft that you can make: Christmas Clothesline Swag.
Christmas Craft - DIY Christmas Clothesline
I first saw this sold by AVON like a decade ago and I thought it was so cute.  After buying one for my Mom, I thought it would be really easy to duplicate so I made a few of my own.  Once you make one,  you’ll probably make five; they’re quick and easy to customize to fit whatever decorating theme you follow.  You could do felt top hats and carrots, plus buttons, and have a snowman clothesline; knit socks and hats, thermal long-johns, and scarves for a general winter theme; or felt and wrapped candies for a Visions of Sugarplums theme.  Use your imagination; the ability to personalize is one of the best parts of this project.
To make, all you need, is…
Clothesline (or cording)
Mini clothespins (I’ve seen them at Walmart, Michael’s, etc.)
Miniature or doll-sized winter or Santa clothes
Cut a length of cording about 6″ longer than you want your finished swag to be.  Tie off a small loop at both ends (for hanging).  Starting a few inches from one end, move along the length of the cord and attach the mini clothespins at evenly-spaced intervals.
Use 1-2 clothespins to attach an article of clothing or other item, as shown below.
Christmas Craft - Santa's Clothes for the Clothesline
Christmas Craft - Santa's Socks for the Clothesline
There are a number of different places you can find items to clip.  I found a cute pair of mittens at Hallmark this season; they were a package tie-on, and cost less than $1.  You can also check the newborn section of clothing stores for socks and maybe even hats and mittens; make a few items from felt; or raid your kiddos’ dolls for some of their accessories.
What theme would you choose if you were going to make a Christmas Clothesline swag?