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This Santa Belly Ornament is so cute, you’ll want to make a whole set of them to give to friends and family.  You may have even seen them on Pinterest. Some people I know do themed trees or multiple trees to decorate with, and if you have a Santa-only tree you’ll want a few of these, for sure.  They’re fairly fast and easy to complete, and with the tips I can share through my own trial and error, you’ll have no trouble at all.

Christmas in July: 31 Days of Christmas Crafts, Recipes, DIY & More - DIY Santa Belly Ornament

Santa Belly Ornament

Needed Supplies:

Clear glass ornaments
12×12 sheet of red cardstock
White puffy paint
Black puffy paint
Small piece of ribbon


Start by cutting your cardstock into strips between 1/4″ and 1/2″ wide.  I used just over one half sheet to make one ornament; depending on the size of your glass ball or how full you fill them, you may be able to get two or more ornaments per sheet of paper.

Carefully remove the top and pin from out of the ornament.  Wrap the cardstock strips around a pencil or free-roll them with your fingers.  You want to roll them fairly tight to create a coil.  Keep the coils pinched together and insert them into the ornament.  You can leave them tight or gently shake the ornament to open them up a bit, completely up to you.

Once the ornament is full, replace the top.  Using black puffy paint, paint a black strip around the center of the ornament.  My ornaments had kind of an iridescent stripe around the center that I followed, but you can tape yours off if you prefer.  You could use black acrylic paint if you prefer, but I liked the texture and added dimension that the puffy paint added.

You’ll want to find some place sturdy to let it dry.  I ended up inverting the top of a disposable sippy cup and placing the ornament inside the spout, upside-down.  It worked perfectly.  Prior to that I tried a bunch of things that only ended up with the ornament rolling around and getting paint all over.

Once the black is dry, add a belt buckle to the center using the white puffy paint.  Let the ornament thoroughly dry overnight.  Add a piece of ribbon to the top as a hanger and you’re ready to decorate your tree!  You may notice my belt isn’t 100% straight and the buckle has a little boo-boo.  I wanted you all to see that it’s okay to make something that’s not completely perfect.  Sometimes people pass up trying something because they’re worried about making a mistake.  Mistakes happen!  But you should still give the things that interest you a try.

Christmas in July: 31 Days of Christmas Crafts, Recipes, DIY & More

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What’s your favorite Santa ornament to make?

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