Feb 042013

So God Made a Farmer – and a Grandfather

Last night’s game started off rather boring.  The commercials weren’t really doing anything for me, either.  Then the Dodge Ram ad came on and there was silence – and a few tears – in the room.

See, I grew up on a farm.  My paternal grandfather was a farmer, my maternal grandparents were farmers, and my parents helped out on both sides.  And while I listened to Paul Harvey’s voice share all the special characteristics of farmers, I couldn’t help but think especially of my maternal grandfather who passed away a few years ago.

My grandfather worked hard.  Farmers’ days don’t start when the sun comes up and they don’t end when it goes down.  He would be up and out to work many times by 4 a.m. (a schedule that my grandmother, who is in her 80s, still often keeps).  And that was after getting up in the middle of the night to go stoke the fires in the potato houses so the harvested crop wouldn’t freeze in the middle of sub-zero Northern Maine winters. Continue reading »

Jul 232012

What are the benefits of babywearing?

Shortly after Bubbles was born, we started our attempts at babywearing.  At the time, she was so tiny, that with the carriers that we were trying, it was difficult to find a secure fit.  As she got older and grew (and grew – into the 90th percentile for height!) it fortunately got a little easier, sizing-wise.  It was nice to have her close and have my hands free at the same time, plus it gave her a different view of the world now and then.

10 benefits of babywearing for you and your baby

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Jul 162012

Is Your House a Home for Learning?

I feel really fortunate to have grown up in the environment that I did.  Education and learning in general were both strongly encouraged and opportunities were provided to nurture them.  I also never worried about “failing” because my parents and family were really supportive.  Creating that kind of home takes some work, but it doesn’t have to be hard.  Here are three ways to make your home a place for learning.

Learning Tips #HealthyHabits

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May 312012

Next week the last transit of Venus – when the Earth, sun, and Venus all align and Venus appears as a black circle moving across the surface of the sun – of what is likely our lifetimes will take place on June 5th.  The next one will happen in 2117 – which, unless there are significant medical advances – most of us probably will not be around for.  Matter of Cents and I thought it would be fun to share this twice-in-a-lifetime (the way the orbit works they happen in pairs 8 years apart; the last one was in 2004) event with you as part of our Pin Me! series.

Here is a photo of what the transit looks like:

Venus Transit

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Mar 082012

First, let me thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes you sent to Baby C.  She had a wonderful first birthday and an exciting first birthday party.  It’s so cliche to say, but they really do grow up so fast!  Because she’s not really a baby any more, it’s probably not appropriate to refer to her as Baby C.; so when you see me mention “Bubbles” going forward, that’s who I’m talking about.  It’s a nickname she’s affectionately earned around here (occasionally with the variation of Bubble Head).

We wanted Bubbles to have her own little “smash cake” for her party, but didn’t really want to get her all hopped up on sugar.  So I made a plain white cake in a 6″ round pan, and then we “frosted” it with sugar-free pudding.  She was a little tentative at first, but then she really started to enjoy playing; though she never did dive in with both hands, just kept poking it with one finger.  Here’s a sample of the fun we had.

Smash Cake 1

You Want Me To Do What?

Smash Cake

That Was Hard Work!

Secondly, I apologize for such a long break in posting.  For a few days I was in and out of the immediate care center and doctors’ offices.  It was determined that my gallbladder needed to come out, and I scheduled surgery for last week.

I felt well enough to make it down for BlissDom ’12 in Nashville (it’s a short drive from where we live), which I’ll be telling you LOTS about over the next couple of weeks.  I met some great companies, heard great speakers, and have much to share!

The day after we got home, it was Bubbles birthday party, then I had just a couple of days before the surgery.  After surgery, I’ve been keeping a pretty low profile until today.  Guess what?  Surgery hurts!  I know that sounds a little silly, but I’ll be honest – I totally expected to be up on my feet and taking advantage of the nice weather over the weekend.  Um, no.  More about gallbladders and the surgery in an upcoming post.

I’m doing my best to play catch up while still taking it easy.  I’ll pump out as much information as I can for you over the next few days, but forgive me if it takes me a little longer than I hope.