Jun 072012

School is out and summer is here!  The good news: lots of free days for the kiddos to play.  The bad news: lots of free days for the kiddos to get bored.  Matter of Cents and I want to help you avoid the glazed-over eyes and the “I’m bored” whine with these fun activities for kids from Pinterest.

This checklist of 100 Things To Do this summer should be a good start!

Activities for Kids: 100 Things To Do This Summer

Once you go through those, here’s another 100 Things To Do this summer!

Activities For Kids: 100 More Things To Do This Summer

Try a weekly Family Appreciation Night this summer.  Have it in the backyard as a picnic or along with a camp-out for an extra-special event.

Activities for Kids: Summer Family Appreciation Nights

Have the kiddos save Batman and Robin (or any little character!) from a frozen prison by shooting the ice blocks with a water gun.

Free frozen characters with a water gun

Water balloon pinatas!  What a fun way to cool off during those hot summer days.  You could add some glitter if you have a sparkly princess at home, or dress the kids in clothes you don’t care about and fill the balloons with colored water and let them spray themselves in a rainbow.

Water balloon pinatas

What are your favorite summer activities for the kids?

May 312012

Next week the last transit of Venus – when the Earth, sun, and Venus all align and Venus appears as a black circle moving across the surface of the sun – of what is likely our lifetimes will take place on June 5th.  The next one will happen in 2117 – which, unless there are significant medical advances – most of us probably will not be around for.  Matter of Cents and I thought it would be fun to share this twice-in-a-lifetime (the way the orbit works they happen in pairs 8 years apart; the last one was in 2004) event with you as part of our Pin Me! series.

Here is a photo of what the transit looks like:

Venus Transit

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Apr 192012

Earth Day is on Sunday, April 20th this year, and so Matter of Cents and I thought it that Earth Day Ideas would be an appropriate Pin Me! Thursdays theme for this week.

Have an old fish bowl?  Turn it into a planter!

Earth Day Ideas

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Apr 122012

April is usually the month that most schools go on spring break.  I think the college I attended  might have been one of the few exceptions; I recall our spring break falling just before my birthday, which was in March.  Considering the college was located in Florida, I guess I can’t complain too much, as most of my friends attending colleges in other states seemed to think I was on spring break year-round.

Because it’s that time of year (seriously, where has the year gone already?), Matter of Cents and I have chosen Spring Break Ideas as our theme for this week’s Pin Me! Thursday.  I’m going to share spring break travel ideas, projects and crafts to complete while on spring break, and a few other spring break-related items.  Going through and finding pins to share with you has definitely put me in the mood for a towel on the beach (though I’ll probably have to settle for a lounge chair on our patio).

Everything about this says “Spring Break” to me.  It makes me want to throw on some flip flops and a fedora, grab a friend, a mixed tape and some lemonade, and head off on a road trip.

Spring Break

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