Sep 012014

This post on summer treats is sponsored by Global Influence. All words and opinions are my own.

For some people, hearing the jingly music of an ice cream truck rolling down their street is the epitome of summer.  That’s not a memory I can really share.  Growing up in a rural part of Maine, there were no ice cream trucks that came door to door.

There were a handful of times, however, that I recall being able to partake in that particular rite of passage.  When we would go camping there would sometimes be an ice cream truck that would come rolling around in the evenings.  Once you heard the music, you just hoped you had enough time to scrounge up some change for tasty summer treats before they passed by.

Yummy Unilever Summer Treats at Walgreens

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Aug 222014

This is a sponsored post on behalf of and their #NewCarFace promotion. All words and opinions are my own.

I remember the very first time I set foot on a car dealership lot.  I was still in high school, anxious to pick out a first new vehicle to take off to college.  Walking up and down the row after row of shiny new cars in ever color under the sun was a little intoxicating, to be honest. #NewCarFace Promotion

While I’d like to say I drove away in my own new car instead of jumping back in the passenger side of the vehicle I rode there in, I cannot.  As I said, I was a high school kid and a used car purchased from a friend was much more my speed than trying to take on car payments and four years of tuition at the same time.  I dreamed, though, of the day that I’d have that “new car face” as I signed on the dotted line. Continue reading »

Aug 152014

This #HungerHeroes shop on how to fight hunger has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

At one time or another, you have probably heard the statistics on hungry kids right here in our own backyards.  Sometimes those facts have a tendency to kind of pass by our ears, but not really sink in.  The truth of the matter is that one in five kids in the US are hungry.

Be a Hunger Hero and Fight Hunger! #HungerHeroes

Any time I hear those numbers, it makes me shake my head.  We live in an affluent country, how can that possibly be true?  But there is some significant poverty in the USA and some kids honestly do have to wonder where their next meal comes from. Continue reading »

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Aug 092014

I received an Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX car seat and compensation in order to facilitate my review. All words and opinions are my own.

Bubbles has always been tall, usually in the 85-90th percentile for height.  But lately she seems to have taken another growth spurt.  Clothes, shoes – not much fits for long.

The Evenflo ProComfort Symphony Car Seat #EvenfloPlatinum

Another thing she has been outgrowing?  Her car seat.  Even though weight-wise and age-wise she still met the requirements, I just felt like she was getting a little cramped in there.  So when the Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX All-In-One car seat arrived on our doorstep recently, I was really interested to see just how it would stack up. Continue reading »

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Aug 052014

I’ve partnered with Johnson’s Baby and The Motherhood to bring you information on the new product formulations. All thoughts and words are my own.

From the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I started making plans for how I would care for and protect my child.  A few immediate changes were made – extra vitamins, for example.  Others were worked on over the course of my pregnancy, like purchasing items to keep her safe and happy after she was born.

Bubbles' First Photo #PromiseToBaby

Once I finally laid eyes on her beautiful face, I knew that I was only at the beginning of what was sure to be a long list of plans and promises.  I would be responsible for every aspect of her life: physically, mentally, emotionally.  The biggest promise I made to her was to simply do my best by her and pour my love into her. Continue reading »