Jul 262014

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Last weekend Ashley returned home from training in Oklahoma and promptly left roughly nine hours later to drive to Indianapolis to move into her new apartment.  It was going to be a whirlwind day and so we decided to wait to drive up and see her new place this weekend.  This gave her a chance to get settled in a little, figure out what she was still missing and needed us to bring, and make a list of projects for hubby and his toolbox.

Her apartment is really cute.  My husband and I both both commented that it was way bigger than either his or my first apartment.  She should be really comfortable there and seems to have nice neighbors. Continue reading »

Jun 272014

It wasn’t that long ago that I was returning home from the grocery store and witnessed something that truly scared me.  As I pulled off our side street onto the main road, I watched a car drive by ahead of me.  The girl was clearly texting as she was basically driving with her wrists as she typed on her phone, and the car was swerving back and forth.

I pulled out two cars behind her and kept an extra-watchful eye on the road.  In situations like that, things can change in a minute, and I wanted to be alert enough for both of us.  Which was a good thing, because a few moments later she as she continued to text, she crossed the center line and nearly hit a trailer truck head-on.

Don't be a Distracted Driver - Decide to Drive! #DecideToDrive #CleverGirls

We live in a very connected world.  As a blogger, I’m probably even more connected than some, as my phone is never far away.  But when you get behind the wheel, you need to be responsible and consciously decide to drive. Continue reading »

Jun 152014

Being my “favorite helper” has become a part-time job for Bubbles. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, she wants to be right there with me. Which is fine with me!

One of her favorite ways to help is in the kitchen. Anything she can stir, pour, shake, roll, whatever – she wants to help do it. So when HABA offered to send over some of their adorable silicone molds for us to play with, I couldn’t say no.

Summer-Themed HABA Silicone Molds: Cake, Cupcakes, Popsicles, Ice Cubes

Bubbles practically squealed with delight when they showed up. Some of her favorite shapes were represented: princess crowns, flowers, sea creatures, and more. She immediately started giving me her suggestions on what we could make, including cakes, popsicles, maybe even molded ice cream. Continue reading »

Jun 052014

The post on The Voice is sponsored by Global Influence. All words and opinions are my own.

I have to admit that I enjoy a lot of the reality TV shows that are out right now. Reality TV at one time was more of a guilty pleasure, but there is such a wide variety of quality shows now that everyone is watching!

Some of our favorites are the musical reality shows, like The Voice. The “blind audition” portion is one of the best additions to any show, I think. It’s awesome that the contestants are being judged solely on their voice at that point.

The Voice, Clear Scalp & Hair, and Walgreens

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Blake Shelton is on the show, either. I love him as a judge and as a performer, so having him on there makes it fun to watch. I’m also looking forward to Gwen Stefani joining the panel this next season! Continue reading »

May 272014

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Swapdom. All words and opinions are my own.

While I started spring cleaning back in February or March, it’s a process that seems to always run into the start of summer.  The general deep cleaning and refreshing is completed, but there are still the random odds and ends you haven’t decided what to do with.  And of course, there are the clothes.

Culling through our spring clothes to decide what we need for summer is usually the last item on my list.  Mostly because Bubbles still grows fast enough that, depending on the brand, you’re never really sure what’s still going to fit two weeks down the road.  So I usually find myself waiting until I realize she only has one pair of shorts or a closet full of long-sleeved shirts on an 80 degree day, and finally make the switch.

Swap Out Outgrown or Unwanted Clothes, Toys & Housewares with Swapdom

What always makes me sad about this process is that Bubbles is not really a rough-and-tumble kid.  Her clothes stay in great shape, she just outgrows them too fast to wear for very long.  This year I even specifically purchased a more “laid back” Easter dress so that she could at least wear it to Ashley and Austin’s graduations and I’d feel less bad about buying something worn three times versus just once. Continue reading »