Dec 222016

How much do you love Minecraft?  If I were to ask my daughter that question the answer would be her hands spread wide paired with an ear-to-ear grin as she exclaimed “this much!”.

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Minecraft is all about the blocks – creating entire worlds and all their contents out of cubes made from a variety of material types.  She plays in creative mode only so she gets an unlimited supply of building supplies.  She has created a number of seriously impressive buildings, including an entire zoo and a world full of huge dinosaur statues. Continue reading »

Oct 192016

I remember when a modem was pretty much all you needed to connect to the internet.  Well, a modem and possibly some earplugs so that the static-y screech of it connecting didn’t drive you crazy.

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Now, though, internet connectivity is a little more complex as you’re likely using your ‘net for more than hoping to hear the “You’ve Got Mail” sound bite or dialing into a BBS.  (Yes, I just went way old school on you.) Continue reading »

Jul 052016

Home and work computers were just coming on the scene when I was a kid.  My Dad had to take a computer class when I was five or six, and because of that we ended up with one of the popular home computers from the early 80s.

STEM learning is fun for preschoolers with the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-PillarViews From the ‘Ville has received the Code-a-Pillar for free in order to review.

He had a book on coding, and I remember he let me read through it and play around with the computer.  I was really young, but I had such a good time making the screen change colors or play music or other things.  It set the stage for a love of computers and coding that I still have now. Continue reading »

Jun 172016

There were lots of movies growing up that showed the future and imagined the technology that would, someday, become available.  One of the most fascinating to me as a kid was the concept of virtual reality.  And now not only do we have VR technology, we have mobile virtual reality.

The future is here! Mobile Virtual Reality can come to your home with the Samsung Gear VR

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I remember going to an arcade when I was in college, and they had a handful of VR games.  You had to put on these huge pieces of head gear to give you the full VR experience.  I never really expected to see a time when you’d be able to condense the size enough that you’d find them commercially viable. Continue reading »

Oct 252015

There are a lot of reasons to be in the kitchen this time of year.  Roasting your Thanksgiving turkey, baking all those Christmas cookies, whipping up homemade hot cocoa.  If part of your holiday prep is to update your kitchen to be ready to handle all the extra tasks and all the extra visitors, then read on!

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You’re probably already familiar with the KitchenAid brand for their stand mixers.  I know I love mine!  But there’s also a very impressive line of KitchenAid appliances available at Best Buy that can help turn your kitchen into a gorgeous powerhouse, and I’ve partnered with them to bring you these ideas. Continue reading »