Jul 052016

Home and work computers were just coming on the scene when I was a kid.  My Dad had to take a computer class when I was five or six, and because of that we ended up with one of the popular home computers from the early 80s.

STEM learning is fun for preschoolers with the Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-PillarViews From the ‘Ville has received the Code-a-Pillar for free in order to review.

He had a book on coding, and I remember he let me read through it and play around with the computer.  I was really young, but I had such a good time making the screen change colors or play music or other things.  It set the stage for a love of computers and coding that I still have now. Continue reading »

Nov 072014

I received some of the Brilliance Award Winners mentioned in order to facilitate my post. All words and opinions are my own.

I’ve been visiting Brilliant Sky Toys & Books for awhile now.  Our local store has such an amazing selection plus the opportunity to play hands-on with a number of different toys.  Bubbles would move in, I think, if they’d let her; she asks to visit any time we’re even remotely in the area.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books of Louisville

Every year for the past five years, Brilliant Sky Toys & Books has gone through the thousands of toys and books sold through their 17 locations around the country and selected their favorites.  These favorites are known as the Brilliance Award winners and they are chosen based on quality, the value of open-ended play, and the simple beauty of a child’s fascination and delight.  This year they’ve selected 10 pretty amazing offerings, and they are the following: Continue reading »