Dec 112012

Aurora’s Plush Marinna Mermaid Doll

From what I remember and what I’ve been told, I wasn’t that big into dolls when I was a kid.  Action figures, yes, but dolls, no.  A1 also wasn’t much of a player of dolls when she was little, either.  So having a daughter that already carries around and takes care of two baby dolls is kind of a new thing for both my husband and I.

Honestly, I didn’t even really know many doll brands.  I was happy, then, to learn about Aurora.  Aurora considers themselves to be one-stop shopping in the toy and gift markets, and with good cause!  They have nearly every kind of plush that you can imagine, and many of the favorite characters you grew up with.  Some of their brands include Lamb Chop, Raggedy Anne & Andy, Sock Monkeys, YooHoos and many more.

Marinna Plush Sea Sparkles Mermaid by Aurora

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