May 072013

If your little aviators are anxiously awaiting the August 9th, 2013 release of Disney/Pixar’s Planes, you may be wondering how you’ll keep them occupied during the three month wait.  Well, never fear!  Disney has just released some awesome free activity sheets and coloring pages that you can print out for the kiddos.

Just click the images below to print and/or download the coloring pages and activity sheets.  Soon you’ll have high-flying masterpieces to stick to your refrigerator!  Bubbles spends at least one or two hours per day “coloring Mama pictures” so I’ve already printed out a few copies of each.  I’m sure we’ll have plenty to mail to Grammie and Great-Grammie, plus to deliver to Papaw and Grammy, Sissy, and Austin.  She loves to share her art!

Download Coloring Pages & Connect the Dots
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How many coloring pages do you think your kiddos will want to color?

Apr 042013

Disney's Movie "Planes

Disney’s Planes Sure to Be a Family Favorite

As you know we’re a very Disney family.  So every time there is an announcement for a new Disney movie we get a bit excited.  Finding out that Disney was making Planes was more than just a bit exciting.  We knew that if Cars and Cars 2 were any indicator, that Planes would knock our socks off.

This one is especially exciting for the whole family, as Austin (A2) really wants to train to be a pilot after graduation.  Planes will be right up his alley!  And hubby suggested that this could be a great first theater movie for Bubbles.  She adores Mater and Lightning McQueen and we think she’ll love these characters, too.

Dusty from the new Disney movie "Planes"

Speaking of characters – the voice talent for this film is great.  The full cast and their voice stars are: Continue reading »