Apr 042013
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Disney's Movie "Planes

Disney’s Planes Sure to Be a Family Favorite

As you know we’re a very Disney family.  So every time there is an announcement for a new Disney movie we get a bit excited.  Finding out that Disney was making Planes was more than just a bit exciting.  We knew that if Cars and Cars 2 were any indicator, that Planes would knock our socks off.

This one is especially exciting for the whole family, as Austin (A2) really wants to train to be a pilot after graduation.  Planes will be right up his alley!  And hubby suggested that this could be a great first theater movie for Bubbles.  She adores Mater and Lightning McQueen and we think she’ll love these characters, too.

Dusty from the new Disney movie "Planes"

Speaking of characters – the voice talent for this film is great.  The full cast and their voice stars are:

  • Dane Cook brings his charisma as the voice of Dusty, a plane that while not built for racing, has high-flying dreams.
  • Stacy Keach provides the voice of Skipper, a reclusive old Navy Corsair who takes Dusty’s training to new heights.
  • Brad Garrett lends his voice to fuel truck Chug, Dusty’s buddy, coach and biggest fan.
  • Teri Hatcher brings life and charm to the say-it-like-it-is mechanic Dottie.
  • Cedric the Entertainer as Leadbottom, a puttering old biplane who has no time for Dusty’s far-fetched flights of fancy.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus lends her voice to Rochelle, a tough and confident racer who is the pride of the Great White North.
  • John Cleese is the voice of Bulldog, the oldest and arguably wisest racer on the circuit.
  • Carlos Alazraqui brings to life the intensely charming El Chupacabra, a racer with more dramatic flair than is recommended at high altitudes.
  • Priyanka Chopra voices the exotic, mysterious and ruthless Ishani, the reigning Pan-Asian champion from India.
  • Roger Craig Smith voices world champion racer Ripslinger—wings down, the biggest name in air racing—and he knows it.
  • Gabriel Iglesias provides the voices of both Ned and Zed, two not-so-sharp saboteurs who work for Ripslinger.
  • Val Kilmer provides the voice of Bravo, a member of the Jolly Wrenches and a fan of air racing.
  • Anthony Edwards is the voice of Echo, a member of the Jolly Wrenches and a fan of air racing.
  • Colin Cowherd gives play-by-play coverage as Colin Cowling, an affable blimp and an eye-in-the-sky reporter for the Racing Sports Network.
  • Sinbad brings to life Roper, an irascible race official pitty full of sly remarks and colorful commentary.
  • Oliver Kalkofe provides the voice of meek German minicar Franz and his brazen airborne alter ego Fliegenhosen.
  • Brent Musburger brings Brent Mustangburger, the excitable 1964½ Ford Mustang sports broadcasting icon, back to the big screen.

I may or may not have had a small crush in high school on Val Kilmer, so seeing his name on the list made me smile.  I also could listen to Brad Garrett and John Cleese talk all day long, so they are great choices.

Which Planes character do you think will be your favorite?


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  2 Responses to “Disney’s “Planes” Soars Into Theaters This August”

  1. I’m just hoping it doesn’t have the political message like Cars 2. :{

  2. So excited they picked Gabriel Iglesias! He’s definitely one of my favorites.

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