May 262016

Bubbles is very into “fashion”.  She loves going shopping with me to help pick out her own clothes, and she will frequently return from her room wearing something completely different than what she wore going in.

kidpik subscription box - fashion for girls!

So she was very excited when we were offered the opportunity to review a kidpik subscription box.  The kidpik subscription boxes are filled with 5-7 girls fashion items that are sent directly to your door.  You might receive shoes, accessories, pants, shorts, tops, dresses, jeans or more. Continue reading »

Nov 212014

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’gosh. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

One of the things I love about the holidays is all the adorable outfits and festive jammies that start popping up in the stores.  I’ll confess that I really enjoy shopping for cute clothes for Bubbles.  And fortunately she loves to shop right along with me.

OshKosh B'gosh

With their quality and fit, OshKosh B’gosh has always been one of my favorite places to order from.  Recently they opened a new store within driving distance, so one rainy day a couple of weeks ago, Bubbles and I took the opportunity to drive over and check it out.  It was a lot of fun to get to actually go through the clothes racks and have her try on a bunch of different things versus just ordering off the site. Continue reading »

May 272014

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Swapdom. All words and opinions are my own.

While I started spring cleaning back in February or March, it’s a process that seems to always run into the start of summer.  The general deep cleaning and refreshing is completed, but there are still the random odds and ends you haven’t decided what to do with.  And of course, there are the clothes.

Culling through our spring clothes to decide what we need for summer is usually the last item on my list.  Mostly because Bubbles still grows fast enough that, depending on the brand, you’re never really sure what’s still going to fit two weeks down the road.  So I usually find myself waiting until I realize she only has one pair of shorts or a closet full of long-sleeved shirts on an 80 degree day, and finally make the switch.

Swap Out Outgrown or Unwanted Clothes, Toys & Housewares with Swapdom

What always makes me sad about this process is that Bubbles is not really a rough-and-tumble kid.  Her clothes stay in great shape, she just outgrows them too fast to wear for very long.  This year I even specifically purchased a more “laid back” Easter dress so that she could at least wear it to Ashley and Austin’s graduations and I’d feel less bad about buying something worn three times versus just once. Continue reading »

Jul 292012

Are you looking for summer kids’ clothes?

Summer started early here this year; we were feeling the heat way back in May.  Which means we’ve been wearing our flip flops, sundresses, shorts and tank tops for months now.  As an adult, you can just keep tossing things in the laundry and wear them no matter how long summer lasts, but when you’re a toddler that is growing like a weed you’re going to run out of clothes before you run out of heat.

That was the situation we’ve recently run into; Bubbles summer clothes were starting to get a little small.  If we only had a couple of weeks left before cooler fall temps, she probably could make it with what she has.  But since it’s not quite August yet and we’re likely to still see 90s and maybe even triple digits through September, we needed to round out her summer wardrobe with a few extra pieces.

#CookiesKids summer clothes for kids

I recently had heard of and after checking them out I was really impressed.  They have a great variety of name-brand clothing at really awesome prices.  But what exactly is Cookies Kids? Continue reading »

Apr 252012

I have to admit, I enjoy dressing Bubbles.  I love cute baby and toddler clothes, from the little summery dresses, to tiny little sandals, to cute pairs of shorts in prints that only a 14-month old can pull off.  And when those cute clothes give back to the community through charitable donations, I feel like I’ve scored double.

Lucky Puppy

The combination of cute and charitable are just two reasons why I really love Lucky Puppy gear.  The idea for Lucky Puppy came when Sandi Hochman adopted her first furry friend, Maddie, from a local shelter.  She soon created her own line of pet-lover gear, Lucky Puppy, and donates a percentage of every sale to select dog organizations so that every dog can be a lucky puppy. Continue reading »