Jul 292012

Are you looking for summer kids’ clothes?

Summer started early here this year; we were feeling the heat way back in May.  Which means we’ve been wearing our flip flops, sundresses, shorts and tank tops for months now.  As an adult, you can just keep tossing things in the laundry and wear them no matter how long summer lasts, but when you’re a toddler that is growing like a weed you’re going to run out of clothes before you run out of heat.

That was the situation we’ve recently run into; Bubbles summer clothes were starting to get a little small.  If we only had a couple of weeks left before cooler fall temps, she probably could make it with what she has.  But since it’s not quite August yet and we’re likely to still see 90s and maybe even triple digits through September, we needed to round out her summer wardrobe with a few extra pieces.

#CookiesKids summer clothes for kids

I recently had heard of CookiesKids.com and after checking them out I was really impressed.  They have a great variety of name-brand clothing at really awesome prices.  But what exactly is Cookies Kids? Continue reading »