Dec 172012

Gift Wrapping Ideas For The Holidays

Magical Wrapping Ideas For Disney Princess Items #DisneyPrincessWMT

This weekend I picked up a few Disney Princess gifts to go under the tree for Bubbles.  They’re going to be really fun to play with but the boxes they come in are a bit oddly-shaped which can make it a challenge to wrap them.  Additionally as this is really the first Christmas that Bubbles has shown any interest in the holiday festivities I wanted to make the presentation of them as fun for her as possible.  As they are Disney gifts I thought it was appropriate to add a little Disney magic!

One of my favorite Disney experiences is the Beauty and the Beast stage show.  I love how the curtains draw back on the stage and the excitement begins.  That inspired me to create my own “reveal” packaging for the Fisher-Price Disney Princess Songs Palace. Continue reading »

Dec 142012

Sprinkling Disney Princess Magic Under The Christmas Tree

Bubbles is in love with Disney and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve mentioned two or twenty times how much I love Disney and seeing her get excited over the characters makes me smile.  I can’t wait until we can take her to Florida so she can meet them in person!

She loves all the Disney characters (Minnie and Mickey were some of her first words) but lately she has really been taken with the Disney Princesses.  If we see them on TV or in a magazine she points, squeals and yells “Princess!”.  We’ve watched Cinderella, the new Sofia the First, and Tangled a number of times and she’s always entranced.

Our own little Disney Princess gets to look like one with the Royal Ball app

During the flurry of Black Friday sales promotions I saw an ad for the Fisher-Price Disney Princess Songs Palace and thought it would be the perfect introductory Princess playset for her.  She has a few Little People that she likes and the Little People Princesses that coordinate with the Palace will say their name and play their theme song.  In addition to the two Princesses that come with the set there are a bunch of other Princesses – plus Prince Charming and the Beast – that you can buy that go with it.

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Oct 182012

Halloween Decorations From Hallmark

I’ve shared before (many times) my love for Hallmark and especially their Christmas ornaments and decorations.  Did you know, however, that they also have an awesome assortment of decorations for other holidays, too?  Their selections for Halloween will make your house the most fun and festive on the block!

This is our first Halloween in this neighborhood and I was excited to find that most everyone seems to enjoy decorating for the holiday.  There are tombstones, ghosts, pumpkins, witches, and much more dotting lawns, porches, and front doors up and down the street on which we live.  Our house had been looking a little sparse – but thanks to Hallmark, no more!

Hallmark Halloween Decorations

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