May 102012

Mother’s Day is Sunday!  I can’t believe it, because that means it’s half-way through the month of May and it’s gone way too fast.  In honor of Mother’s Day, Matter of Cents and I are sharing our favorite mom-inspired pins from Pinterest.  We’d love for you to share yours, too; see how you can at the bottom of the post.

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Dec 072011

2011Holiday Gift Guide – Suggestions For the Home

The smell of an evergreen tree…cookies baking…hot chocolate…baked ham…mulled cider…there are so many scents during the holidays that are tied to wonderful memories, fun times – or that just plain smell great.  If you’d like to have those scents float through your home all year – or if you have other favorite smells you’d like to treat family and guests to – Scentsy is a great way to do that.

Stacy Mayo is an Independent Scentsy Director who loves her company’s products and the great opportunities with which those products provide her and her team.  Scentsy products are wick-less and flame-less meaning no soot, no lead and no worry.  Scents are created by placing wax bars in the dish of each ceramic warmer; the dish sets over a light bulb that slowly melts the wax, allowing the fragrance to be released.  There are a number of fragrance collections with over 80 scents to choose from in all – everything from Baked Apple Pie to Christmas Cottage to Newborn Nursery.

Scentsy also has room sprays, travel tins, hanging scents for the car, solid perfume and the adorable Scentsy Buddies.  The Buddies are sweet stuffed animals that safely hold a scent paks inside.  If your little one has a favorite scent, he can take it with him wherever he goes via his Buddy.

Scentsy Warmer & Scent Bars

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Nov 012011
If you are my brother or my sister-in-law – stop reading here, please!

I wanted to make something a little special as an “Our First Christmas” ornament for my brother and sis-in-law this year and when I saw a similar ornament on Pinterest a few weeks ago I thought it would be perfect.

DIY First Christmas Wedding Ornament

A clear glass ornament (I purchased mine at a craft store)
Wedding Invitation
Craft knife or pair of scissors
Ribbon (coordinating with the colors of the invitation)
Charm (I used a heart that I found in the jewelry section of a craft store)
Pen or pencil

I started by cutting the invitation horizontally into strips; I didn’t use the entire invitation, but I cut out the sections that had all the important information such as their names, date, location, etc.  I used a pair of scissors so they’re not perfectly straight or of even thickness, but I can’t find the box I had all my crafting supplies packed into, so I couldn’t get out my mat and knife.  It worked just fine, though, I think.

DIY Our 1st Christmas Ornament

Next I wrapped the strips of invitation around a pen to corkscrew them.

DIY Our 1st Christmas Ornament

After I curled them I slipped them all into the glass ornament.

DIY Our 1st Christmas Ornament

I used a heart-shaped charm on my ornament but you could easily swap it out for something special to the bride and groom (a sun for an outdoor wedding, a starfish for a beach one, etc.) or something Christmas-y, like a snowflake.

DIY Our 1st Christmas Ornament

I tied a ribbon on; as you can see the pink of the ribbon is a lot brighter than the actual invitation, but watermelon was one of their wedding colors so I thought they would like it.  (It’s a quick fix to untie it and throw a new one on if they don’t).  You’re also pretty safe if you choose to go with white/cream.

Do you have a craft you’d like to share with everyone?  Feel free to link it up below!