Nov 012011
If you are my brother or my sister-in-law – stop reading here, please!

I wanted to make something a little special as an “Our First Christmas” ornament for my brother and sis-in-law this year and when I saw a similar ornament on Pinterest a few weeks ago I thought it would be perfect.

DIY First Christmas Wedding Ornament

A clear glass ornament (I purchased mine at a craft store)
Wedding Invitation
Craft knife or pair of scissors
Ribbon (coordinating with the colors of the invitation)
Charm (I used a heart that I found in the jewelry section of a craft store)
Pen or pencil

I started by cutting the invitation horizontally into strips; I didn’t use the entire invitation, but I cut out the sections that had all the important information such as their names, date, location, etc.  I used a pair of scissors so they’re not perfectly straight or of even thickness, but I can’t find the box I had all my crafting supplies packed into, so I couldn’t get out my mat and knife.  It worked just fine, though, I think.

DIY Our 1st Christmas Ornament

Next I wrapped the strips of invitation around a pen to corkscrew them.

DIY Our 1st Christmas Ornament

After I curled them I slipped them all into the glass ornament.

DIY Our 1st Christmas Ornament

I used a heart-shaped charm on my ornament but you could easily swap it out for something special to the bride and groom (a sun for an outdoor wedding, a starfish for a beach one, etc.) or something Christmas-y, like a snowflake.

DIY Our 1st Christmas Ornament

I tied a ribbon on; as you can see the pink of the ribbon is a lot brighter than the actual invitation, but watermelon was one of their wedding colors so I thought they would like it.  (It’s a quick fix to untie it and throw a new one on if they don’t).  You’re also pretty safe if you choose to go with white/cream.

Do you have a craft you’d like to share with everyone?  Feel free to link it up below!