Jun 282013

This week’s movie news is pretty much a Disney-lover’s dream.  Iron Man 3 Blu-ray Combo Packs have a street date, and we’re closing in on the 20th anniversary of one of my favorite movies, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Check out all the deets below.

Monsters University

Monsters University - Now Playing #MonstersU

In case you missed it, Monsters University opened last week and topped the box office.  MU took in $82 million during it’s opening weekend and it’s no doubt – it’s a scarily good movie!  If you haven’t seen it yet this weekend would be a good time to do so.  And if you have a Monsters University fan on your hands there are lots of fun MU toys and books available right now (those fraternity and sorority bean bag plushes are awfully cute). Continue reading »

Oct 292012

Men In Black 3 Is Available For Pre-Order!

Men In Black 3 DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Combo #SEEMIB3

I mentioned the other day that A2 broke his finger and had to have surgery last week.  There isn’t a whole lot on TV on Friday nights, so while I was picking up a few things at the store, I decided to wander through the DVDs and Blu-Rays to see if there were any new releases that everyone might enjoy.  Normally if I knew he was going to be laid up for a couple of days I’d be looking at video games, but with the contraption they have his hand wrapped up in, video games are out of the question for the next little while.

Men In Black 3 #SEEMIB3

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