Oct 292012
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Men In Black 3 Is Available For Pre-Order!

Men In Black 3 DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital Combo #SEEMIB3

I mentioned the other day that A2 broke his finger and had to have surgery last week.  There isn’t a whole lot on TV on Friday nights, so while I was picking up a few things at the store, I decided to wander through the DVDs and Blu-Rays to see if there were any new releases that everyone might enjoy.  Normally if I knew he was going to be laid up for a couple of days I’d be looking at video games, but with the contraption they have his hand wrapped up in, video games are out of the question for the next little while.

Men In Black 3 #SEEMIB3

It’s so easy to pick out movies for Bubbles; she has a few favorite characters and shows, and the makers of those brands make sure there are lots of selections to choose from.  But when it comes to movies for A2 the options decrease significantly.  There aren’t that many movies that are so awesome that you’d want to own them versus just rent them.  I did find a couple in the new release section that were contenders, but none that really jumped out and said “buy me!”.

#SEEMIB3 - Pre-Order MIB3 for a free digital copy!

Then I noticed the pre-order copies for Men In Black 3.  I’m familiar with pre-ordering movies; I’ve done it online a number of times.  But I hadn’t ever saw pre-order movie boxes actually in the store that I could recall.  I had been looking for a movie for us to watch that night, but I couldn’t pass up the Men In Black 3 pre-order offer.  I have such great memories of the first MIB movie.  It was such a big hit that my brothers bought it on VHS and nearly wore the tape out.  For some reason the line about wearing the Edgar suit never fails to make me giggle.

I wasn’t really sure of the plot for this one, but the franchise has always been good for light-hearted comedy.  And this pre-order came with a special offer for a free digital copy of MIB3 from Vudu.  Even better, the digital copy will be available on November 16th to all those who pre-order, meaning you’ll be able to watch it for the first time two weeks before anyone else!

Men In Black 3 DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital combo #SEEMIB3

Men In Black 3 pre-order process #SEEMIB3

When I returned home I went to register my pre-order code online.  It was such a simple process.  After entering my code I could either log in to my existing Vudu account or create a new one.  As I didn’t already have one, I made one.  It did ask me if I wanted to add my credit card information for future digital purchases but that information is not required; just click the “Skip” button.  Then at the end I entered my mailing address for the hard copy of my discs to be sent to.  The entire registration took me less than five minutes.  And by registering for Vudu and UltraViolet you receive a code for a free movie.  Check out the entire registration process in my Google+ album.

You can watch your Vudu digital copy in a variety of ways, too.  It will work on the PS3; Xbox 360; PC, MAC, or iPad; or HDTV or Blu-Ray.  I hope they put out more movies this way because I really like the idea of being able to have my movies available to me any time, any where.  It will be especially great if you’re traveling and the kiddos get fidgety or if you’re visiting friends and say “Hey, have you seen…” and if they say no, you can share it on the spot!

Here is the trailer in case you haven’t seen it yet.

Will you be buying Men In Black 3?  Do you like the idea of having your movies available “in the cloud”?

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  1. Buying this for my Husband for Christmas!! :)

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