Nov 222013

This post is part of a Fashionista Event. I was provided a promotional item by to inform you of their Black Friday Sales, their Top 10 Gifts Giveaway and our $500 giveaway.

I honestly cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week.  It feels like yesterday was September!  And following on the heels of Thanksgiving is Christmas.

I started asking the kiddos to make their wishlists (I don’t care how old you are, you’re never too old for a wishlist) for me a couple of weeks ago.  They’ve been slow to fill them up, and I’ve been nudging them with the lighthearted threats of empty boxes under the tree unless they start handing them over.  To be honest, I’m getting a tiny bit nervous because by this time each year, I’m mostly finishing up lists, not starting them.

Scoping the Black Friday Sales to Check Off Our Wishlist Items

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Nov 172013

Thank you to PBS for providing review copies of these Holiday DVDs.  All words and thoughts are my own.

If you’re looking for holiday DVD options from your kids’ favorite characters, you’re in luck!  Many of the PBS KIDS shows have put out their own specials packed with winter- and Christmas-themed shows.  The DVDs include both older

Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs in the Snow

PBS KIDS Holiday DVD Dinosaur Train: Dinosaurs in the Snow

Dinosaur Train is a favorite in our house and we’ve been enjoying the Dinosaurs in the Snow DVD for the last few weeks.  We’ve watched the dinosaurs travel to and see the North Pole for the very first time.  While there Tiny, Don, Shiny and Buddy also saw their first snow.  Later there was a discussion on whether or not tall trees – like Christmas trees – could really have grown from a tiny little seed. Continue reading »

Nov 132013

I received samples to facilitate this post on guest bathroom ideas.  No additional compensation was received and all thoughts and words are my own.

House guests are definitely more common during the holidays.  Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Christmas or the time in between, family and friends will be coming from far and wide to spend time together.  It’s always nice to make guests as comfortable as possible, but you definitely don’t want to break the bank.

5 Guest Bathroom Decorating Ideas for The Holidays

One of the easiest places to make an impact is the guest bathroom.  It’s a small space so a few small changes can make a big impact.  Here are five holiday decorating ideas for a comfortable, inviting guest space. Continue reading »

Oct 282013

There are a lot of new PBS KIDS shows and specials to tell you about. They kick off today with the Curious George: A Halloween Boo Fest and other PBS KIDS Halloween programming, and continue through the end of the year. Read on to find out what your favorite PBS KIDS shows have in store for you this fall.


New Episodes PBS KIDS Shows Include Arthur - The "Show Off" Episode - On November 11th

I’m a long-time Arthur fan from when my brothers (and I) watched it as kids.  So I was excited to learn that all-new episodes will begin on November 11th.  The first new show in the lineup is titled “Show Off” and Alan Cummings will make a special guest-voice appearance. Continue reading »

Oct 262013

Thank you to Cuddle Barn for providing a Grandma Cookie Bear to add some Christmas cheer to our table.  All words and opinions are 100% my own.

Decorating for Christmas has been kind of a big deal my whole life.  For as long as I can remember, my parents went out of their way to make the season special for us.  The excitement would start when my father headed upstairs to drag the huge boxes of Christmas decorations and ornaments down from the attic.  We’d then usually bundle up and head out to the woods on our property to cut our trees, including a mini one for each of the kids’ bedrooms.

I’m thankful that I married someone that not only indulges me but also enjoys decorating for the season, as well.  We usually put the tree and other decorations up the week of Thanksgiving.  Putting things up just a bit early allows Ashley to participate.  After the short Thanksgiving break they have, she doesn’t usually get home again until the semester ends just before Christmas.

The Talking Grandma Cookie Bear from Cuddle Barn is a Sweet #Christmas Decoration

This year we have an adorable new addition to our Christmas decorations.  The Grandma Cookie Bear from Cuddle Barn recently came to live with us and will likely be claiming a spot in our dining room.  It seems like an appropriate place for a bear that likes to bake! Continue reading »