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I received Tickety Toc toys in order to facilitate my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you have toddlers you’re probably familiar with the show “Tickety Toc”.  The adorable twins Tommy and Tallulah are responsible for “chime time” every hour, on the hour.  Their friend, Pufferty the Train, takes them to and from their task each time.  In between, they have lots of fun adventures with their friends McCoggins, Hopparoo, Tooteroo, Madam Au Lait and others.

Tickety Toc Toys

Bubbles loves to sing the theme song (it’s very catchy) and knows a number of the show’s catchphrases, like when Tommy and Tallulah ask each other “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and “Well if you’re sure, I’m sure.”  And now thanks to some great Tickety Toc toys, she can create her own adventures for the tick-tocketeers.

Tickety Toc Clockhouse

Tickety Toc Toys: Tickety Toc Clocktower Train Set

With the Tickety Toc Clockhouse Train Set your kiddos can make sure that Tommy and Tallulah get to Chime Time.  It has a fun ramp that Pufferty can slide down, and then wraps around the back of the Clockhouse to deliver the twins inside.  If you turn the key the front door swings open, and if you spin the cogs the uppder Clockhouse doors also open.

Tickety Toc Toys: Tickety Toc Clocktower Train Set

Tommy and Tallulah figurines also come with the set.  You can set them in Pufferty to take a ride around the track, or remove them for free play.  Pufferty can also go “off road” for additional adventures.

Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train

Tickety Toc Toys: Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train

The Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train is another toy we love.  Pufferty comes with both a Tommy and Tallulah figurine too, but also includes their friend Tooteroo.  Tommy and Tallulah can sit down on the see-saw in one of Pufferty’s carts, and it moves up and down as he drives along.  Tooteroo sits in the last cart and spins on the cog at the same time.

Tickety Toc Toys: Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train

I really like that when you push Pufferty’s smokestack it plays the show’s theme song, something you’ll be whistling to yourself for the rest of the day.  The door on the second cart folds down for easy access to the see-saw and the back door swings out.  And the carts do come apart if you’d like to play with them separately.

There’s a small amount of assembly required for the Clocktower, but it’s literally a snap to put together.  It took me about 5 minutes total to hook all the track pieces together and then attach them to the Clocktower.  So no worries, the kiddos can start playing almost instantly.  Both Tickety Toc toys are exclusives from Toys “R” Us exclusives, so you can pick them up there.

Tickety Toc Toys

I’m excited that I have both toys to give away to one lucky reader! Giveaway closed – congrats Cheryl B!

Which of the Tickety Toc toys is your favorite?

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Liza is a mom (5-year-old daughter, 20-year-old stepson, and 24-year-old stepdaughter) and wife living in Louisville. She loves spending time with her family, visiting the local zoo and parks, as well as planning travel adventures. Cooking and baking, DIY projects and crafts, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee - round out some of her other hobbies.

  42 Responses to “Three Cheers, Tick-Tocketeers! Having Fun with Tickety Toc Toys”

  1. i love the train

  2. The train is so much fun! It looks like it has great details and would bring hours of play fun.

  3. I really like the Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train! My grandson would have so much fun with it!

  4. My favorite Tickety Toc toy is Pufferty the Train!

  5. I like the Clockhouse Train Set.

  6. I love the train: Pufferty.

  7. The train looks pretty cool and I love how it goes through the clock.

  8. They are both really cute but I think my favorite is the Clockhouse!

  9. I like the Musical Pufferty train.

  10. My favorite is the Tickoty Toc Clockhouse Train Set! My daughter would absolutely love this!

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  12. pufferty the train

  13. Both are so cute but the pufferty we can travel easier with to friends house so we would say we like it a little better

  14. I love the Pufferty train but my daughter would love both.

  15. I like the clock house.

  16. I love the train

  17. I love the Clockhouse Train Set

  18. my daughter would love the Tickety Toc Clockhouse

  19. Tickety Toc Musical Pufferty Train is totes adorable! LOVE them both tho! Looks like a lot of fun and i know my lil guy would have a blast!

  20. Pufferty the train

  21. I like the Tickety Toc Clockhouse Train Set

  22. I like the Playset

  23. Besides the train, I also like the twins, Tommy & Tallulah

  24. My son loves Pufferty :)

  25. We love all the tickety tock!

  26. My favorite is the musical pufferty train; my daughter would like that it comes with the figures and plays the theme song.

  27. I like the Musical Pufferty Train. My son loves anything train related!

  28. I love the clockhouse set

  29. I love the Clockhouse Train Set!

  30. i like the musical puffery train!

  31. I like the Clockhouse Train Set.

  32. My fave is the Clockhouse Train Set. :-)

  33. The Clockhouse train would be a hit at our place

  34. the train :)

  35. These are so cute,
    I love the train and the little house. Your daughter really looks like she is enjoying them. Thanks for sharing. I am entering now.

  36. I love the train. To cute!

  37. I believe I like the Clockhouse Train Set, though they are both really cute toys and the kids would enjoy either one of them. thank you for the giveaway.

  38. Pufferty the train!

  39. I love the train!

  40. The Musical Pufferty Train

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