May 012013
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For those that read Views From the ‘Ville regularly, you know how much I love a theme.  All of the Avengers lend themselves well to a special night of fun so I thought it would be fun to share some inexpensive ideas to have an Iron Man 3 Family Fun Night.  If your family isn’t already chomping at the bit to hit the theater this weekend, these should help get your family pumped up.

  1. Set the mood by giving everyone their own ticket to family night.  You can print the one I created or make your own.Free Printable Iron Man 3 Family Fun Night Ticket
  2. Spend the day leading up to Family Night pretending to be Tony Stark.  Let the kids’ imaginations go wild and come up with their own inventions.  Tinker Toys, blocks, straws and clay, pretty much anything can be used as building materials.
  3. Print out some free cool Iron Man masks for the kiddos to wear.Free Printable Iron Man Mask for an Iron Man 3 Party
  4. Give everyone a glow necklace or bracelet so they can have their own version of an arc reactor power supply.
  5. Dinner can be a “Black Widow” pizza using black olives as spiders.
  6. And dessert might be Iron Man cupcakes (swirl red and yellow frosting over vanilla cupcakes) or even fresh strawberries (what Tony brought Pepper to apologize).
  7. For younger kiddos try a “pin the arc reactor on Iron Man’s chest” game.  Just print out a color copy of Iron Man or Tony Stark (you might want to take it to a store that has photo services so you can have it enlarged) and then print out enough arc reactors for each participant.
  8. Pick up a few plain dark red paper gift bags and fill them with candy, individual popcorn bags, juice boxes, etc. and seal them with a large, round yellow sticker.  They’ll be perfect for the family to…
  9. Settle in and watch Iron Man or Iron Man 2 (or both!) on DVD or Blu-Ray.
  10. End the night by watching the newest Iron Man 3 clip!

What other Iron Man 3 party ideas can you think of? Will you be seeing it this weekend?

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  2 Responses to “10 Inexpensive Iron Man 3 Party Ideas #IronMan3”

  1. What fun ideas! I like the “pin the arc reactor” idea. I usually just do a movie marathon. :)

  2. Such fun ideas!

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