Oct 252013

Thank you to JOLLY TIME for providing products to help me create a monster munch recipe.

I love making munch mix recipes for a couple of reasons.  One, they’re just so darn tasty.  Whomever the first person it was that came up with tossing this combination of ingredients together is a smart cookie.

But I also like making them because they’re quick and easy.  I know you all probably get some last minute “Oh, hey Mom, by the way…” requests for snacks for school or a bake sale or something similar.  I used to spring that on my own Mom once in awhile.  So a go-to snack recipe that can be changed up based on the season, holiday, or even just what mix-ins you have on hand can be a big help.

Monster Munch Recipe

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Sep 292013

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for McCain Foods.  I received a sample of McCain Potato Smiles to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item as a thank-you for participating.

I know that if I were to play a game of word association with you all, and I said “potato”, most of you would probably say “Idaho”.  But I’d say “Maine”, especially considering that I grew up with both of my parents coming from potato-farming families.  And while they might not be the largest producer in the country, I personally think they produce some of the best-tasting potatoes.

Suffice to say this has made me a bit of a potato “snob”.  I agonize in the produce section of the grocery store.  Often what they pass off as a baking potato – sunburned (when they’re green), dinged, bruised, and scaly – makes me want to call home and ask my parents to ship me a 50 pound bag to get us through for a bit.

McCain Potato Smiles - Natural Ingredients, Delicious Taste!

One place that I don’t worry about the quality is in a bag of McCain Potatoes.  They are the frozen french fries, tater tots, and other goodies that I grew up eating.  It didn’t hurt that McCain’s had a potato processing plant not too far from my hometown.  We loved being able to support companies that supported our area, and it’s so much easier when the product is so awesome. Continue reading »

Jul 132013

Sweet and salty is such a yummy pairing and I love to combine the tastes in different munch recipes.  You’ll find similar concoctions available from retailers, especially around the holidays.  Different mixes of popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, candies, sprinkles, and more.

Here’s a quick and easy Christmas munch recipe for you.  It makes a great gift for foodie friends, or you could pair it with a DVD and some hot chocolate mix and give the gift of a family movie night.  It stores well, so often I’ll make a batch and fill bags with individual portions.  I fancy them up with a bit of ribbon, fill a basket, and have people grab a snack when they come to visit (and another to take home with them when they go).

Christmas Candy Munch Mix Recipe

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Jun 232013

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and Goldfish Puffs.  All opinions and words are 100% mine.

Finding snacks that the whole family will enjoy can be a bit tough.  This is especially true when you’re talking about a mix of toddlers and teens.  Pureed fruit and vegetable pouches don’t do a lot for Austin and protein bars aren’t exactly appropriate for Bubbles.

Goldfish Puffs at Target - Great Snack for the Whole Family #makeitgopuff

However the other day I was shopping at my second home – Target – and I saw a new addition in the snack aisle.  Goldfish Puffs.  Now, I’ve tried a lot of Goldfish crackers.  I remember eating them as a kid, myself, and with having a toddler they’re a staple in our house.  We buy the original, cheddar, multi-color, graham, pretzel – all kinds, really.  But Goldfish Puffs weren’t something I had even heard of before.  You can see our whole day of shopping at Target. Continue reading »

May 052013

This post on snacks is brought to you by Goodies Co.  All opinions are my own.

Ever see a new snack at the store and think, “Hey, that looks cool, I’d like to try it!” but then you don’t, because you don’t want to spend $8 on a bag of wasabi nuts you’re not sure you’ll even like?  Yeah, me, too.  Sometimes it’s a unique flavor combination, sometimes it’s just a food I’ve never had before.  It might even be two things I enjoy – like chocolate and pomegranate – but who knows if I’ll like them together?  And I’d rather not spend six bucks on a small bag of chocolate-covered dried pomegranate arils just to find out it’s gross (it’s not, by the way – so delicious).

Monthly Snacks

That’s why I think you’ll love a new monthly snack subscription box called Goodies Co.  Subscription boxes are kind of the rage right now and, in my opinion, that’s for a good reason.  You get a selection of cool products to try for a low cost.  Plus you don’t have to do all the work of searching them out, going to the store, being disappointed that your store isn’t carrying them yet, etc.  You just sit at home, watching Downton Abbey, and wait for the box to arrive.

Goodies Co. Snack Taster's Box

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