Jun 232013
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I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and Goldfish Puffs.  All opinions and words are 100% mine.

Finding snacks that the whole family will enjoy can be a bit tough.  This is especially true when you’re talking about a mix of toddlers and teens.  Pureed fruit and vegetable pouches don’t do a lot for Austin and protein bars aren’t exactly appropriate for Bubbles.

Goldfish Puffs at Target - Great Snack for the Whole Family #makeitgopuff

However the other day I was shopping at my second home – Target – and I saw a new addition in the snack aisle.  Goldfish Puffs.  Now, I’ve tried a lot of Goldfish crackers.  I remember eating them as a kid, myself, and with having a toddler they’re a staple in our house.  We buy the original, cheddar, multi-color, graham, pretzel – all kinds, really.  But Goldfish Puffs weren’t something I had even heard of before.  You can see our whole day of shopping at Target.

I picked a couple of bags up from the shelf to examine a bit more closely.  Bubbles immediately said “Goldfish for me!”  She doesn’t always get to make the decisions, of course, but I do love trying new products and the Goldfish family of snacks have a great track record in our house.  I also thought that with flavors like Cheddar Bacon (did you say BACON?), Mega Cheese, and Buffalo Wing, they might end up being something everyone would enjoy.

Goldfish Puffs are Toddler-Approved #makeitgopuff

Upon our return home, Bubbles quickly wanted to show Daddy the new snacks we found.  She was also a bit anxious to give them a try, so we let hubby pick with which flavor we’d start.  I honestly didn’t even have to ask – I mean, one of them had bacon.  So we each snagged a couple of fish from the bag to sample.  Right away, they were a huge hit.  The Puffs remind me of a cross between an original Goldfish cracker and a puffed cheese snack.  They’re bite size, though, which lets you just pop ’em.  Great for little toddler hands for sure.

Goldfish Puffs are Gluten-Free and Packaged in Resealable Bags #makeitgopuff

In the process of opening the package I noticed a few things.  First, the packages are resealable.  You just peel the front sticker down, roll the bag closed, and close with the sticker.  Thank you, Goldfish!  Anything that keeps my snacks fresh is a great idea in my book.  I also noticed that the snacks are gluten-free.  We don’t have any gluten sensitivities in our family but I do know that it’s a very important feature for a lot of families.

They were a big hit with everyone else, too.  People think that teen boys will eat pretty much anything, but that’s really not the case.  So the fact that the bag of Buffalo Wing Puffs were nearly emptied – yet only one bite each for hubby and I, and none for Bubbles – tells you something.  (By the way – the Buffalo Wing Puffs taste just. like. Buffalo. wings.  I have no idea how they did it.)  The rest of us kept reaching for the Cheddar Bacon, with a few dips now and then into the Mega Cheese.  Ashley is out of town working this summer and didn’t get to snack with us, so we’ll be adding a bag to her next care package.  We can’t leave anyone out!

Fish Food Labels for My Goldfish Puffs Snacks #makeitgopuff

I decided to put together a few individually-portioned bags of the Puffs.  They would be easier for Bubbles to handle without spilling an entire bag and they’d also be good for grab-and-go for Austin on the way to work or to toss into Bubbles’ diaper bag for the zoo.  I made up little “Fish Food” tags for the bags, too.  These served two purposes: first to make them a bit more fun and second to help distinguish between the flavors.

I attached them with double-sided tape but if you have sticker paper that would work well, too.  You’re welcome to print out the labels I created.  You can print the yellow stripped one here, the orange one here, and the blue one here.  Maybe use them to send snacks when the kiddos go back to school.

Which flavor of Goldfish Puffs would be your first choice to try?

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  3 Responses to “Making “Fish Food” Snacks with New Goldfish Puffs + Free Printables”

  1. super cute bag tags. Great idea for the grab snack too.

  2. Love the fish food labels. I can’t wait to try these new Goldfish Puffs. Looks like I’ll have to make a special trip to Target!

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