Feb 072015

Make-a-Wish has long been a group of which I’ve thought very highly.  Putting a smile on a child’s face is always something wonderful, but when it’s a child with a lift-threatening medical condition that could use the extra pick-me-up, it’s even more amazing.

Vote for Make-a-Wish to win a grant from the LIDS Foundation!

When Bubbles gets just a little older and can better understand the concept, I’d like to go through the process to be a wish-granter and be able to help out financially.  Until then, though, and until I have some fundraising plans in place, there’s an easy way that we can all help Make-a-Wish.  All you need to do is vote! Continue reading »

Dec 152014

Growing up we didn’t have a Macy’s near where we lived. If we had, I’m sure that I would have loved taking my letter to Santa and mailing it to him in the big red mailboxes they have each year.

Writing a letter to Santa was a big deal in and of itself. It represented all your seasonal dreams and was one of the few chances you had to communicate with the Big Guy. If there had been the opportunity to follow that up by delivering your letter in such a special way, that would have been the icing on the cake.

I Believe! Merry Christmas! Meeting Santa in 2014.

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Aug 032014

You’ve heard of Batman, but do you know Batkid?

Batkid Begins Documentary #BatkidBegins #CGC

Batkid – aka Miles Scott – is one of the tiniest super heroes you’ll meet. And in my eyes, he may also be one of the most amazing. Now, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area and KTF Films, you’ll have the chance to hear his story and see how Batkid saved Gothamn. Continue reading »