Feb 022015

Bubbles has been very excited about Valentine’s Day this year.  I think part of it is how closely it both follows Christmas and precedes her birthday.  It’s just an exciting time of year.

She has been asking what we’re going to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and as this is the first year she’s showed much interest, I’m leaving it up to her.  (Within reason, of course.)  So while that’s unlikely to mean a fancy dinner out for hubby and I, it will mean a lot of family fun for all of us, and I prefer that any day of the week, anyway.

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Jan 072012
Disney's Beauty and the Beast 3D in theaters Jan. 13, 2012
Did you know that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is returning to theaters on January 13th for a limited engagement?  And for the first time ever it will be presented in Disney Digital 3D.  Personally, I am thrilledBeauty and the Beast has always been one of my favorites!  (I even translated the lyrics from the theme song from English to French for my French class project my sophomore year of high school.)
There’s another treat from Disney: the all-new short Tangled Ever After will play before the Beauty and the Beast 3D feature!  I love that they’re combining a classic favorite with the characters from a classic in the making (so many people loved Tangled).  Here is a clip from the new short:

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