Jun 112015
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We have a new tablet that Bubbles is very excited about.  We spend a little time snuggling at night and she gets to use it with me, to play a few educational games, maybe watch a couple of videos.  And once I showed her that we could use it to read some of her favorite books, she was thrilled.

Learning to read with Disney Story Central digital books

For over a year now we’ve been accessing great Disney books through Disney Story Central’s app on my iPhone.  It’s been great to have for on-the-go entertainment, but being able to let her read and listen on a bigger, brighter screen has been a treat for her.  And watching her learn to read more words is a treat for me.

Three reading modes: Read to Me, Auto Play, and Read by Myself

While I love having a real book in my hands – and we do have plenty of tangible books – I really like that there are programs like Disney Story Central that are available digitally.  There are three story modes on most of the books Bubbles has selected: Read to Me, Auto Play, and Read by Myself.  As kids read books they also earn stars, ranks and trophies and can unlock new books, goals that Bubbles likes to work towards.

Enjoying Disney Frozen books from Disney Story Central

When she was younger, I could just hit Auto Play and the story would both read to her and flip through by itself.  Now that she’s older, the Read to Me option lets her follow along with the words as the story is being read, but she can also control when she’s ready for the pages to turn, too.  She learns a lot of new sight words this way and feels more like she’s actually reading the story.

Choose from Popular Books or filter by your child's favorite character

If you have a Disney fan in your family, they’ll really love Disney Story Central.  You can browse through popular titles, or you filter by their favorite character to find the books they’ll love the most.  You can purchase individual books a la carte through the token system or now you can take advantage of their subscription service.  Pay just $7.99 a month for unlimited access to Disney Story Central’s expansive library of books.

Help kids learn to read - and keep them coming back for more! - with Disney Story Central

Head over to the Disney Story Central website to sign up and find out how you can get four free books.  You can also download the free Disney Story Central iTunes app if you’d prefer to access it from your iPhone or iPad.  You can even participate in Disney Story Central’s ‘Mid-Summer Light Reads’ Campaign – promoting weekly Disney reading themes — for a chance to unlock free books and enter the sweepstakes!  Launching on June 11, the campaign will run through August 13.

How would Disney Story Central help your child with reading this summer?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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