Feb 172014
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I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Bubbles turns 3-years-old this month.  Seriously, I know the cliches about growing up so fast and how time flies – but it’s just so true.  She’s more preschooler than toddler, and lets us know what a “big girl” she is on a regular basis.

Her birthday party will be this weekend, and when offered multiple choices on party themes she, unsurprisingly, chose Disney Planes.  So this week I’ve been working on a few favors and supplies.  I still need to finish up the party favors and treat bags, plus finalize my cake design.  But I think I have all the table decorations and paper goods so not too much left to do.

Disney Planes Party Ideas - Free #Printables #DisneyPlanes

Which is good, because Bubbles is super-excited about her party.  She asks every morning if it’s her birthday yet, rattles off the guest list, and asks about her Disney Planes cake.  She also has invited pretty much everyone at any store we’ve been to in the past two weeks.

Disney Planes Party Ideas: Fluffy Candy Clouds Labels - Free #Printables #DisneyPlanes

One of the first ideas I had for party treats was cotton candy.  It’s a fun treat for kids and it’s so soft and fluffy – just like a cloud.  I thought they’d be the perfect match for a Planes party.  I made the cotton candy myself with the cotton candy maker our friends at Nostalgia sent us.  I love it because all you need are a few hard candies (I used Jolly Ranchers) and you can make them any color you want (plus you can do sugar-free!).

Click the image below for a printable .pdf version of the “Fluffy Candy Clouds” labels.  Fold them in half over the bags of cotton candy and tape or staple closed (I used double-sided tape because I don’t like staples around young kiddos if possible).

Disney Planes Party Ideas: Fluffy Candy Clouds - Free #Printable Labels #DisneyPlanes

I also created a couple of signs for our party table.  The first one will be set next to the drinks and reads “Chug’s Fueling Station” (Chug is the fuel truck in the Planes movie).  The second one will be placed near the snacks and reads “In-Flight Snacks” so our guests can grab-and-go and not miss a minute of the “in-flight entertainment”.  Click each image below for a printable .pdf version.

Disney Planes Party Ideas: Chug's Fueling Station Sign - Free #Printable #DisneyPlanes

Disney Planes Party Ideas: In-Flight Snacks Sign - Free #Printable #DisneyPlanes

Keep an eye out this week for more printables and Disney Planes party ideas.  I have a few more things I’ll be sharing!  Then next week you’ll be able to see photos of the entire party setup.

What’s your favorite Disney Planes party ideas?

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  26 Responses to “Disney Planes Party Ideas + Free Printables”

  1. Yeah, hehe it is cliche, but it’s true! These are so cool and clever! I am planning a Doctor Who party for my almost 7 year old! Sometimes you look at your little ones and want to cry b/c they are so big.

  2. I love your cloud idea! What a cute party favor.

  3. Adorable!! What great ideas for a birthday party!

  4. Oh my goodness, what fun. Love the printable, as well!

  5. Oh those are such cute printables! They would be perfect for a kids b-day party or just a fun friend get together!

  6. Cute printables, thank you for sharing!

  7. Such fun! My daughter would love these printables, thanks so much

  8. I am looking forward to seeing the post party pics. Love the printable!

  9. What a cute idea and such awesome printables. :) LOVE THEM. My little one would love this as theme.

  10. Those are so cute! I bet this party is going to be a smashing success. There is nothing like having cotton candy clouds any day. :)

  11. I love this! Cute ideas and you can’t go wrong with Planes.

  12. They do grow fast! Mine are 17 and 19. It seems like just yesterday I was planning fun things like this! Awesome ideas by the way and I love cotton candy.

  13. So cute! Great ideas and can’t wait to see this one!

  14. Great ideas for a party! I haven’t seen Planes yet but look forward to it!

  15. That will be a fun party! Cotton candy is perfect for clouds.

  16. I ADORE the clouds !! that’s an awesome idea, and the printables are adorable

  17. These are adorable! My son would love them and what kid doesn’t love cotton candy? Can’t wait to see the entire party!

  18. These are so cute!

  19. What great printables! I know a few kids who would love to receive these.

  20. I love how you tied those into party snacks. REally cute ideas here and I love the cotton candy one.

  21. These are such cute ideas. I love the fueling stations idea.

  22. Seriously so cute! I love the cotton candy! Makes me want to have a Planes party!

  23. I LOVE the blue cotton candy/cloud idea. What a cute theme for a party!

  24. These are adorable and so creative! Great job!

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  26. Hey Liza, picked a lot on your party ideas. Thanks a lot for these printables. Kids really love Disney characters that’s why their the most requested party themes. Love that fluffy clouds!.

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