Nov 062015

I’ve been a “gamer girl” for a long time.  Console games, PC games, online games – even board and card games. I just love to play.

The new Trove game is a free online MMO that gives you lots of adventure, crafting and more!

Hubs is a gamer, too, though neither of us really have as much time to play these days as we did before Bubbles was born.  But when new games that sound interesting or when additional titles to our favorite franchises are released, we definitely make a point to check them out. Continue reading »

Jul 152012

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you that my family was playing a lot of NCAA Football 12 to gear up for the release of #NCAAFootball13.  And now it’s here!  It released last Thursday and after work I headed over to pick a copy up.  If you follow me on Twitter, you may have caught my tweet with a picture of all the EA Sports NCAA Football 13 games that were on display.

#NCAAFootball13 Walmart Release

#NCAAFootball13 Walmart Release

After picking up our copy for the PS3 it was time for the rest of my shopping list.  In addition to a few regular grocery items, I needed a few things for dinner that night, plus lots of snacks for while we played.  You can view my Google+ Album to see my entire shopping trip. Continue reading »

Jul 022012

Summer is a great time of year – expect for one thing.  There’s no football!  From the moment the seasons end until the day training starts, my husband and A2 are lamenting the loss of games on TV.  I don’t necessarily lament the break in the season (I do enjoy all the baseball games in the interim), but I do miss football, also.  As I’ve mentioned probably a hundred times, we’re BIG University of Kentucky fans and love attending the games at Commonwealth Stadium.

So what is a football fan to do when there’s no football on TV?  Play football video games, of course!


Here are just a few of our console games – notice all the football titles?

In addition to being football fans, we’re a family of gamers.  Whether it’s an online game, PC game, console game – or even board games! – you can often find at least one of us mashing a few buttons.  Right now we’ve been playing a lot of  EA Sports NCAA Football 12 in order to get ready for the release of NCAA Football 13! Continue reading »