Aug 272016
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Depending on where you live, school has either just gone back in or is getting ready to start soon.  According to my Facebook stream, back to school shopping is still in full swing as many friends are posting and comparing their school supply lists.

You got the pencils, notebooks, backpack - but here are 5 unique school supplies that you just might not have thought of!

I noticed some odd choices – only yellow notebooks, specific name-brand pencils – that showed up on a few lists.  But there are a few items that no one has mentioned that I think are perfect for back to school.

So here are five unique school supplies you probably didn’t think of.  I’ve included a few links, some of them affiliate, below of some of the items that were sent to me so you can easily add them to your shopping list.

Unique School Supplies

Cute Hand Soap – While at the kindergarten open house I noticed that all the rooms had sinks.  Why not surprise the teacher with a basket of cute hand soap?  We have been using the Softsoap Disney Frozen and Softsoap Star Wars Foaming Hand Soaps here at home and we love them.  I’m sure your kids and their friends would love scrubbing up with them at school, too.

Dress up your kids classroom sink with Star Wars or Disney Frozen Softsoap Foaming Hand Soaps! A unique school supply gift basket idea for teachers.

Fun Headphones – Headphones showing up on Bubbles’ supply list was a bit of a surprise to me; my school provided us with headsets when I was younger.  But this does seem more sanitary, and also a great way for kids to have some personal expression.  So let your kiddos pick out a fun pair, like these My Little Pony Bluetooth Headphones or these My Little Pony Over the Ear Headphones (if you need a corded pair).

Cooling Gear – The summer has been sweltering and there’s no end in sight.  Kids playing outside for recess or gym, or that have sports practice after school, may find themselves easily overheated.  Toss a MISSION Athletecare’s EnduraCool towel or headband into your child’s backpack to help safeguard them against the heat. Bonus – when your kids pick up the inevitable school germs, they are great for keeping kids comfortable when they have a temperature.

Between recess, gym, and sports practices, your kids run the risk of overheating. Grab these unique school supplies - Enduracool products like a cooling towel, headband, or hat

Dry Erase Sheets – Cover your child’s at-home work surface with dry erase sheets, and they’ll be able to work math problems, test the spelling of words, and more right on the tabletop.  Plus I think they’d be great for teachers to use in the classroom, sticking sheets on the wall to add additional kid-friendly white boards (maybe even room for one per child or pair of kids).

Sheet Protectors – Now, you might have already had sheet protectors on your list – but probably not for this reason.  Drop your kids homework into a sheet protector and hand them a dry erase marker.  They can do a dry run of the homework (multiple times for things like letter practice) before answering directly on the paper.

What unique school supplies did you pick up for back to school?

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