Aug 212015
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I’ve always had a little bit of a soft side when it comes to Disney Villains.  Is it a matter of choice, or are they a product of their circumstances?  I mean, it’s hard to hear the backstory of Maleficent and not feel at least a smidge of sympathy for her.

Disney Descendants DIY Painted Jar with Mal's icon. Great to store your Descendants doll accessories in!

When I started to see commercials for Disney’s Descendants I knew I wanted to watch the premiere on The Disney Channel.  Fortunately my little Disney “mini me” Bubbles was happy to oblige and we sat down to watch it together.  I wasn’t disappointed – it was great!

I realized that Descendants was going to be “a keeper” (as are pretty much all Disney movies around here) so I decided to pick up Descendants on DVD at Walmart.  There were also Disney Descendants dolls, and after having watched Bubbles spend hours playing with her other Disney dolls over the weekend, I thought it would be fun to surprise her with a new addition.

Mal wants her book of spells! Going to have to reach deep into the Descendants painted jar

Each of the dolls comes with a few little accessories and removable pieces of their outfits.  And while I love these extra little touches what I don’t love is stepping on a heeled boot in the middle of the night because Bubbles forgot to pick it up.  So I decided to make some DIY doll accessory storage and personalized it with Mal’s icon.

DIY Descendants Painted Jar

Disney Descendants Mal DIY Painted Jar - makes great storage for your Descendants doll accessories, your kid's hair accessories, collect change, or anything else!


Smooth glass jar
paint pens in black and purple
Mal’s icon printable template

Supplies for a Disney Descendants Painted Jar - perfect for storing all your Mal Descendants doll's accessories, hair accessories, or anything else!


These jars are super-simple to make.  Start by printing out my template for Mal’s icon.

Tape your template to the inside of your jar

Cut it out so that it will fit in your jar, but leave some edge around it.  Tape the icon image facing out to the inside of your jar.

Use paint pens to trace your design on the outside of the jar. We chose Mal's icon from Disney Descendants

Use paint pens on the outside of the glass to trace over the image you have taped inside.

Let the paint dry, remove the paper from the inside and voila!  Instant doll accessory storage.

Disney Descendants DVD, Soundtrack and Fashion Dolls available now at Walmart

Almost all the main characters were represented in the line of Descendants fashion dolls but I chose Mal who is Maleficent’s daughter.  She makes some wrong choices in the movie but eventually finds her path and I love that message.  Plus Mal’s hair rocks and she wears purple which is one of Bubbles’ favorite colors.

Disney Descendants DVD, Soundtrack & Fashion Dolls at Walmart

Now she can play with her Descendants doll while the Descendants movie plays in the background.  And Mommy can listen to the soundtrack while she’s working (I love “Did I Mention” and “If Only”).  Because you’re never too old to love Disney!

Playing with Disney Descendants Mal doll

Have you seen Descendants? Which doll would you choose?

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  7 Responses to “Easy Disney Descendants DIY Painted Jars Are Villainous Fun”

  1. I would totally get the Evie doll and paint an apple on it. Maybe a blue apple? I don’t know. I love this accessories jar. My daughter needs something like this for all of her doll accessories! #client

  2. This turned out so cute! My daughter fell in love with this movie, actually so did I lol!

  3. do a evie one please this one was so awsome !!! Do you take off the tape when you are done?

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