Aug 042014
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Watching the evolution of technology over the years has been interesting to me.  Especially when it comes to portability and products being where you need them, when you want them.

Perfect Pairing: JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker & Your Cell Phone #AudioFest

Look at the technology related to music, for example. We’ve gone from battery-powered boomboxes and portable cassette players, to portable CD players, then MP3 players.  And now with access to cloud-like storage and more space to download, many people have simply switched to using their cell phones are their portable music device.

August Audio Fest at Best Buy #AudioFest

I fall into that camp, myself, as I like to have access to all my music, all the time.  You never know when you’ll need a spontaneous sing-along of “Let It Go”, or to play everyone’s favorite song from school at your reunion.  Fortunately JBL provides me with a lot of options for enjoying and sharing my music no matter where I am.  And you can find those – and other! – items during Audio Fest at Best Buy.

One of my favorite items from Audio Fest is the JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker.  It uses Bluetooth to enable wireless streaming of your music (and phone calls!) when paired with a compatible device.  Just click the Bluetooth button on the side of the speaker and find it on your phone or other device. It literally took about 20 seconds from power on until we were rocking out.

JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker Goes Where You Go #AudioFest

And rock out, we did.  The sound it pumps out is impressive for such a small design. And the built-in carabiner let’s you clip it on to whatever’s handy and take it with you.  I love being able to clip it to Bubbles’ cup holder in her carseat; she feels like she’s snazzy with her own speaker, and I can provide her with her favorite songs on demand while we’re traveling.  And it’s rechargeable using a USB cord, so there are no batteries to replace.

The other item I’ve been using is the JBL Reflect Sport Headphones.  I’ll be honest: headphones and I sort of have a love/hate relationship.  I love being able to keep my music close without disturbing others while I’m jogging, or to check out a cute new YouTube video without waking anyone up.  What I don’t love is how they usually hurt my ears, are either too big or too small, or just don’t provide very clear sound.

That was not a problem with the Sport Headphones.  First, they come with three different sized earbuds to help you find the best fit and comfort.  And if you plan to wear them outside, they have a reflective strip down the side of the cord (what a smart idea).  The other neat thing is that the backs of each bud are magnetized, so when you take them off, they click together to keep them from tangling.

Between now and August 30 head into Best Buy or check out Audio Fest at and see everything available.  You’ll find deals, audio specials, in-store events and more to help you love the way you listen.

Which JBL product is your favorite?

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