Mar 312014
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I love to watch Bubbles’ creativeness grow as she does.  Her playtime has gotten more complex, as have her building skills.  It’s fun to see the structures she puts together, and then to see the stories she creates around them.

Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventures Set #AmericanBuilders

Blocks are some of her favorite, and we spend a lot of time building with them.  So when we recently had the opportunity to review the new Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventure set, I was excited to see what she would think about it.  Blocks plus trucks would equal lots of fun for her, I was sure.

Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventures Set #AmericanBuilders

Before she could get to playing, though, there was the matter of putting the set together.  The set includes 770 pieces, many of which are very tiny.  It was above her skill limit to put most of it together, and while it’s rated for ages 5 and up, I think much of it would be too challenging for a 5-year-old to do on their own, too.

Mega Blok American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventure Set #AmericanBuilders

I put it together for her over the course of a couple of days.  The directions were mostly straight forward – each page lists the number of pieces you need for that step, then gives a visual representation of how to put them together (if needed), followed by how to attach them to the finished piece you’re already working with.  I do wish the pieces had been grouped together by step and packaged that way; they’re kind of just randomly put in plastic pouches.

Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventures Set #AmericanBuilders

Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventures Set #AmericanBuilders

Once it was together, though, Bubbles was thrilled.  Driving the two Jeeps and the trailer up and down the bridges and going over the rocks was a lot of fun for her.  A number of her other vehicles, dinosaurs, dogs, and toys in general got loaded up and driven to ‘the construction site’ as she liked to call it.

Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventures #AmericanBuilders

The Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Off-Road Adventures Set is definitely a lot of fun to play with.  I think most preschoolers and up would enjoy playing with it, and I think many elementary school-aged kids could put it together, some with help, some without.  It might be a nice end-of-school gift idea so kiddos would have something to work on for a bit before playing with over the summer.

What feature of the Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep set is your favorite?

I received a Mega Bloks set in order to facilitate my review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  24 Responses to “Enjoy Hours of Fun with the New Mega Bloks American Builders Jeep Sets”

  1. Wow that looks SO neat! My nephew would be head over heels in love with this!!!

  2. This looks like a blast! I love that Mega Bloks has sets that aren’t just the HUGE blocks now! My son is two and he would love this!

  3. That is an awesome mega bloks set! My kids would absolutely love it! They love building and playing with the sets once they are set. They love Mega Bloks.

  4. I’m filing this away as a birthday gift idea for my nephew. He loves building blocks and is wild about cars.

  5. Those are so cool! My kids would love being able to build a jeep that actually worked/wheels move.

  6. I would have loved one of these myself when I was young. I wanted to spend time building thing and using a race car track. :)

  7. I like that it includes two vehicles. For families with more than one child, that means playtime together instead of arguing over who gets to drive the Jeep!

  8. What fun toys and so great for the imagination! This one looks like a blast.

  9. My son loved these when he was little. They are hours of play!

  10. How fun.. my boys ALWAYS loved Mega Blocks, the new sets are awesome.. thanks for sharing.. lots of fun

  11. My kids do not have any of these sets but they do love Mega Bloks!

  12. We are just starting in the world of Legos. It is already proving to be an exciting journey. We have 3 boys, so this Jeep would be a hit in my house!

  13. Besides boxes, mega bloks was the most played with toy in our house. We had tons of sets, but they never stayed in sets. The only thing I don’t like about them is stepping on one that didn’t make it back to the bin LOL!

  14. Looks like fun! My son would have loved that green Jeep when he was younger!

  15. fun! My boys would definitely enjoy playing and building with this set!

  16. She is getting so big! That sure does look like a lot of fun. I can’t wait until Kayleigh starts playing with more elaborate toys like this. She does love banging her “baby Mega Bloks” together right now.

  17. 770 pieces seems a little scary for an adult let alone a kid of age 5! But I must say put together, this play set looks like hours of fun for any kid!

  18. This set looks so fun, I know my DD would love it. 😀

  19. My son’s bday is coming up and I know he’d love this!!

  20. This will probably sound weird, but I like the colors of the blocks!

  21. My kids love building with Mega Bloks.

  22. Ok, my son would totally love this! He loves building and loves Jeeps.

  23. Love that a child’s creativity can be encouraged while building these sets

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