Jan 102014
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Bubbles and I had the opportunity back in November to go and watch Disney FROZEN.  It was her second theater movie, and the first one she sat all the way through.  She was mesmerized from the start and over the last few weeks as she breaks into the song with “Let It Go” and asks for “warm hugs like Olaf” she’s proven that the movie made an impact on her.

Anna, Olaf and Kristoff from Disney FROZEN #FrozenFun #shop

When I was planning a special mother-daughter day for us recently, I decided it would be fun to do a FROZEN-themed day.  It certainly was apropos as the country was literally frozen in many places, including us here in Kentucky.  We’d been “enjoying” weather in the teens and it was about to dip below zero on the thermometer.  I wanted us to be able to get out and have some fun before it was too cold to be outside.

I laid out our plans to Bubbles: we would go do a little shopping, have some lunch, and then a day of play.  She was more than on board, so we bundled up while the car was getting warm, then hit the road.  We knocked a couple of errands which took us near Walmart where I had a few last things on my list.

Disney Frozen Toys at Walmart #FrozenFun #shop

Because this was our day of #FROZENFun, I thought it would be nice to let her pick out a couple of FROZEN toys or books for us to play with that afternoon.  The shelves were a little thin just after the holidays, but we did find a toddler Anna doll and a grown-up Anna doll that Bubbles loved, as well as a book and coloring book.

The grown-up Anna doll actually lights up and sings a little when you hold her hands.  When she holds hands with the corresponding Elsa doll, they sing together songs from the movie.  So now Mom is on the hunt for Elsa to give Bubbles on her birthday.

Enjoying a FROZEN Kids Meal from Subway Inside Walmart #FrozenFun #shop

By this time I could tell that Bubbles (and Mom) were getting hungry.  It was a bit past lunch time, after all.  Fortunately this Walmart has a Subway restaurant inside!

Disney FROZEN Subway Fresh Fit Kids Meals #FrozenFun #shop

I love the Subway Fresh Fit Kids meals.  You get a small sandwich (we chose turkey), apple slices, and a drink (low-fat milk, chocolate milk, or juice) which is a great, nutritious lunch.  They come with cute themed lunch bags which were FROZEN-themed.  Ours included a FROZEN puzzle which thrilled Bubbles.

Bubbles Enjoying a Turkey Sandwich Disney Frozen Fresh Fit for Kids Meal from Subway #FrozenFun #shop

We took our lunch to go so that we could have a little indoor picnic when we returned home.  Of course our new Anna dolls and Olaf toy (that came with one Anna) had to join in the fun, and Bubbles wanted to wear the FROZEN t-shirt we found on our way out of Walmart.  By the time we were done lunch, she had also convinced me she also needed her hair braided “like Anna’s”.

Coloring Disney FROZEN Pictures for Grammie #FrozenFun #shop

So after cleaning up lunch and braiding hair, it was time to play.  The first thing Bubbles wanted to do was to open her new Disney FROZEN coloring book and crayons to color pictures for Grammie and Great-Grammie back in Maine.  Mama had the chance to do some coloring, too (am I the only adult that still loves coloring?).

Disney FROZEN Toys and Activities #FrozenFun #shop

Bubbles Loves her New Disney FROZEN Anna Friend #FrozenFun #shop

We then read the new FROZEN book with audio sounds which prompted her to also read the FROZEN book Grammie had sent her at Christmas.  Bubbles loves all our new FROZEN friends and activities, especially when Ashley (Sissy) comes over to play “like Anna and Elsa do”.  Toddler Anna has even become a nap-time buddy.

Our mother-daughter day ended with a little baking.  Cupcakes and individual cakes with snowmen on them were what we came up with.  We did our best to make them look like Olaf, but he’s quite the original!

What FROZEN toy would your little one most like?

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  29 Responses to “Enjoying a Mother-Daughter Day with Disney FROZEN and Subway”

  1. Sounds like a fun day!

  2. Any doll would be great. I give to toys for tots.

  3. Sounds like a great day! I still need to see Frozen!

  4. Great post! My son is 7 and doesn’t do too well in the theater, but he did want to watch the movie. We have a few of those Subway Frozen meal bags in our cabinets too.

  5. Awww she’s so cute! I wish to see that movie with my kids too :)

  6. What a fun day. She looks so cute curled up with her doll.

  7. I took my boys on a movie/lunch date to Frozen, too! We went to subway before also! :) I just had my boys split a foot long because they’re all on sale for just $5, but that kids meal is SO cute!!

  8. I’m not sure my boys would care about the toys as much, but they both did LOVE the movie. Although, I think I liked it more than them :)

  9. Olaf is who we ALL want. my husband even made an Olaf snowman for the kids last weekend!!

    what a fun mommy daughter day :)

  10. I haven’t seen Frozen yet. It isn’t that atractive to my son. But I’m planning to see it anyways. Even if I need to go all alone or buy it. LOL

  11. What a great day! She looks precious sleeping with her doll. I still need to see this movie!!!

  12. My daughter has been bugging me for weeks for the Frozen castle. Looks like you guys had so much fun.

  13. we love this movie — what sweet pictures!

  14. Those Frozen toys look like something I would have loved when I was little. Very fun!

  15. we are SO excited to have a girls’ sleep”under” with my daughters’ best friends when the dvd comes out!! looks like a wonderful day

  16. I have teen daughters, but we had the same kind of girls night out. We went to dinner at our favorite local restaurant and then saw the movie. Great night even for the older girls and their moms.

  17. It looks like you had the perfect “girls’ day out.” My niece and her mommy (my sister) recently went to see Frozen, and now they are both huge fans of the movie! I’ll have to show my niece this post; she would love to see another little girl her age wearing Frozen apparel and snuggling with a Frozen doll. :)

  18. Awww, this looks like such a fun day! I can’t wait until Kayleigh is old enough to do stuff like this with me.

  19. Looks like a such a great day! Glad you got to spend some quality time with her :)

  20. It is fun to take children to the movies and then stretch out the good time by adding in toys, clothes and all the other products. It makes it more enjoyable for the kids.

  21. What a fun mother daughter day. My three year old has already seen Frozen twice in theaters and has four of the dolls. She is addicted! PS My daughter also takes apart her subway and its the pieces individually.

    • I’m glad Bubbles isn’t the only one, Ashley! lol She eats the meat, then the cheese, then the bread (though usually not much of it). I’m still on the hunt for the Elsa dolls; they seem to have been popular!

  22. I love making memories with my kiddos. My daughter is only 9 months old but I am looking forward to being able to have a girls day. I had 2 boys before her so I am looking forward to having some girl time. <3 So glad you had a great day!!

  23. Awww! How sweet is she with her doll?! I bet she’s loving her new toys! #client

  24. […] It’s no secret that we love the Disney Frozen movie.  I shared my Disney Frozen review with you after we took Bubbles to see it in theaters back in November.  And recently we even had a Mother/Daughter Disney Frozen day of fun. […]

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