Feb 282013
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Iced Coffee Recipe: Mocha Parfait Shots

Iced Coffee Recipe: Mocha Parfait Shots

Last year I fell in love with the new International Delight Mocha Iced Coffee and shared with you a couple of coffeehouse recipes that you could make at home.  Almost nine months later and I’m still drinking my DIY iced coffees at home.  Not only does it help me save a few dollars but it’s much more convenient.  Instead of driving to a coffee shop every time I get the hankering for a cold coffee beverage I just have to reach into the fridge.

As much as I have been enjoying my ID Mocha Iced Coffee I had decided that I needed to cut back just a bit.  Summer is just around the corner and that means tank tops and swimsuits so a girl needs to watch her waistline just a bit.  I was exceedingly happy, then, when on a recent trip to the store I found that International Delight had read my mind.  There, on the shelf, was a Light version of my favorite Mocha Iced Coffee!

Iced Coffee Recipe: Mocha Parfait Shots

With a 1/3 fewer calories per serving I feel less guilt when I sit down with a tall glass while working in the mornings (or afternoons or evenings, for that matter).  And while I love it straight up (honestly I rarely even bother with the ice, it doesn’t last long enough to get warm) I started to think about how I could maybe find a creative use for it in the kitchen.  Some drinks similar to the ones I made before came to mind, of course, but I wanted something completely different.

I remembered when I was a teenager I would play around with the different types of liquids in standard recipes, like using cranberry juice instead of water in a recipe for cranberry muffins.  I’ve used brewed coffee to bring out the flavors in other recipes, as well, so would a prepared iced coffee work the same?  I decided to find out!

Iced Coffee Recipe: Mocha Parfait Shots

Iced Coffee Recipe: Mocha Parfait Shots

Trifles and parfaits are some of my favorite desserts so that’s where my mind went first.  I thought I could layer cake, pudding, and whipped topping so I popped over to Walmart and picked up all the items I needed.  I started by replacing the water in the cake mix for an equal amount of iced coffee and then preparing according to the box directions.  Then I made the pudding, reducing the milk by a half-cup and replacing it with a half-cup of iced coffee.  I was going to add some into the whipped topping, as well, but I liked the color variations I had achieved so left it plain.

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Playing in the Kitchen Creating New Recipes with #LightIcedCoffee
  • 1 box cake mix, 12 cupcake size
  • 2 large eggs
  • ½ C International Delight Light Mocha Iced Coffee
  • ¼ C vegetable oil
  • 1 (1oz) box sugar-free, fat-free vanilla instant pudding mix
  • 1½ C milk (very cold)
  • ½ C International Delight Light Mocha Iced Coffee
  • Lite or fat-free whipped topping
  • Mini chocolate cookies for garnish (optional)
  1. Prepare cake mix according to the directions on the package, substituting iced coffee for the water. Cool completely; loosely crumble and set aside.
  2. In a medium bowl, empty pudding mix. Pour in milk and ½ cup iced coffee and whisk constantly for three minutes. Place bowl in the fridge and allow to chill for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Once cake has cooled and pudding has thickened, assemble your parfaits. Alternate layers of cake, pudding, and whipped topping; repeat. Garnish rim of serving dish with chocolate sandwich cookies, if desired.

The dessert is quite tasty and by using sugar-free, fat-free, and reduced-calorie versions of all the ingredients it’s much lighter than a typical parfait.  Saving money, saving calories, and saving time (no driving!) – it’s an International Delight trifecta!

Iced Coffee Recipe: Mocha Parfait Shots

Have you tried the Light version? What iced coffee recipe would you make using it?

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