Apr 012012
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75 Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Filling Easter baskets is as fun for me as filling Christmas stockings – but it can also be a little stressful.  What do you buy to make each basket special for the recipient?  I’m always trying to come up with unique Easter basket filler ideas to keep up with the changing tastes of the kiddos as they reach different stages of their lives.  And at 20, 15, and 1, they’re not exactly all clamoring for the same things.

I do try and pick up a few things throughout the year as I see items they might like, and I also shop the after-Easter (and other holiday) sale at Target; last year I found quite a few things at 90% off.  Just remember to store the items somewhere you’ll remember them!  Nothing is worse than opening a package of Easter item scores when you’re putting up your Halloween decorations.

Easter Basket Filler Ideas - Ages 3 & Under

Easter Basket Filler Ideas – Ages 3 & Under

Since sometimes even the Easter Bunny needs a helping hand, here are some Easter basket filler ideas for a variety of ages.  Not all of the items are small enough to necessarily fit inside your basket (unless you’re using a really large basket), but I personally think that’s okay; we often had some wrapped gifts outside of our baskets when I was a kid.

  1. Stickers
  2. Crayons
  3. Coloring Books (I bought a lot of “spring” ones last year from Target for $0.10 each after Easter)
  4. Socks
  5. Gift Cards
  6. Rolls of Quarters (comes in handy with laundry for your college-age recipients)
  7. Sippy Cups
  8. Books
  9. Bubble Bath
  10. Matchbox cars
  11. Small stuffed animals
  12. Soaps & lotions
  13. Pencils & fun erasers
  14. Notebooks
  15. T-shirt or tank top
  16. Seed packets
  17. Gardening gloves
  18. Jewelry
  19. Sunglasses
  20. Stationery & stamps
  21. Nail polish
  22. Lip gloss/lip stick
  23. Perfume/cologne
  24. Character band-aids
  25. Baseball/football/basketball
  26. Baseball glove
  27. Ball caps
  28. Inflatable beach ball
  29. Bouncy balls
  30. Yo-yo
  31. Bubbles
  32. Sidewalk chalk
  33. DVDs
  34. CDs
  35. Card games
  36. Board games (the small travel size ones fit nicely)
  37. Silly Putty
  38. Dolls
  39. Play-Doh
  40. Craft kits
  41. Markers
  42. Legos or other blocks
  43. Purse/wallet/cosmetics bag
  44. Key chain
  45. Disposable camera
  46. Picture frames
  47. Sports cards
  48. Candles
  49. Toddler snacks (like puffed cereal, dried yogurt drops, fruit leather, etc.)
  50. Word search/Sudoku/crossword puzzle books
  51. Magazines
  52. Finger paints
  53. Tools
  54. Team logo gear (favorite baseball, basketball, football team hats, shirts, etc.)
  55. Water bottle
  56. Gym membership
  57. Jump rope
  58. Movie tickets
  59. Action figures
  60. Cash or coins
  61. Gas cards
  62. Scratch cards
  63. Lottery tickets
  64. Watches
  65. Flip-flops
  66. Zoo/museum passes
  67. Concert/sporting event tickets
  68. Comic books
  69. Journal
  70. Kite
  71. Pool toys & gear
  72. Swim suit/trunks
  73. Sunscreen/tanning lotion
  74. Toiletries (shaving razors, shampoo, deodorant, shaving cream)
  75. Last, but not least, candy!  Chocolate bunnies, Peeps, jelly beans, Cadbury eggs (the Creme and candy-coated kinds) – all the traditional Easter candies and chocolates.

What other Easter basket suggestions do you have?

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  8 Responses to “Lend the Easter Bunny a Hand – 75 Easter Basket Filler Ideas For All Ages”

  1. Wow huge list! We do things differently in that we do first day of spring baskets. So the kids still get all of the fun toys and spring things, without taking focus away from Easter. Works for us and the kids look forward to their March baskets!
    I will remember this list for next year, thanks

  2. LOVE IT!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great list! Thanks for sharing!! I have been looking for the little people easter item that you have there but i’m looking for a boy. Do you remember where you got it?

  4. Oh I love your list! Sharing!

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