Aug 112012

TCBY Frozen Yogurt is now available in your grocer’s freezer!

School went back in session here this past week – can you believe it?  The freedom days of summer went by so quickly!  A2 was kind of ready to start back; I think we all remember how summer was exciting for the first few weeks school was out, but by the end, boredom set in somewhat.

To celebrate the end of summer I decided it would be nice to have a sweet treat the night before school officially started.  Both A1 and A2 are following fitness routines and eating “clean” right now, so I had to think a little bit about what we could have that wouldn’t be too over-the-top for either of them.  What I really wanted to make was the Chocolate Trifle that my Mom made many times when I was growing up; so very tasty, but not even close to the definition of the word “light”.  Her trifle consisted of layers of chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, whipped topping, crushed toffee bars, finished with chocolate sauce drizzled over the top.  Plus I knew if I made it we’d end up with a lot left over.

Then I started thinking about how to create individual portions and what other ingredients we might be able to use to lighten dessert up.  I recalled that the last time I was at Walmart TCBY Frozen Yogurt had moved in; froyo could definitely work!  With less fat and calories than traditional ice cream it was definitely a lighter option and with the number of flavors available it could be layered with a number of different ingredients.

Walmart Shopping Center #TCBYGrocery

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