Aug 072013

Thank you to The Beatrix Girls for sending Lark to live with us. All words and opinions are my own.

Earlier this week I mentioned that I had the opportunity to attend Sweet Suite while in Chicago.  There were tons of great toy companies, some well-known that have been around for years and others that are just being introduced for the first time.  One of the new companies – a company that I expect you’ll be hearing a lot of in the next few months – was the PopStar Club.

The Beatrix Girls Dolls - Lark & Brayden

PopStar Club is the maker of a new line of collectible 12″ pop star dolls called The Beatrix Girls.  The girls – Lark, Ainsley, Brayden, and Chantal – are all members of the same band.  What sets them apart from other similarly-themed dolls is that these gals create actual music that your kids can download.  Each band member also has a full background story.  You can visit the Beatrix Girls website and find out their favorite foods, colors, where they’re each from, and more. Continue reading »