Dec 102012

Create Pampering Gift Baskets With NIVEA

Give the gift of soft skin with NIVEA lotion

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is shop for our Angel Tree names.  We try to choose at least one or two each year, and we involve the whole family in the process.  This year we added Angie’s Angels to our shopping list for tree names.  Angie’s Angels make sure that folks living in long term care facilities – folks that often are overlooked, many without any family – receive a few gifts for the holidays.  This organization struck a chord with me as a few of my relatives in the past have been in this type of facility.  When I was little my mother would make sure we’d stop by and visit other residents while we were there.  Most of them never received any other visitors; it was nice to be able to give them a little company.

I heard the call for Angie’s Angels on the radio where they shared a standard list of requests that they put in every gift bag.  It included deodorant, sweatshirts, magazines, and lotion.  The winter weather brings dry skin for a lot of us, but often the elderly are more susceptible than many others. Continue reading »