Jan 162014

I received a copy of the Tickety Toc DVD in order to facilitate my review. All words and thoughts are my own.

We love watching Tickety Toc on Nick Jr.  It’s such an unique, fun show, one that we enjoy watching right along with Bubbles.  She especially loves to watch while playing with her Tickety Toc toys.  So when we were offered the opportunity to check out the newest Tickety Toc DVD, The Unstoppable, Unpoppable Bubble, it was a no-brainer.

Tickety Toc DVD The Unstoppable, Unpoppable Bubble

In Bubble Time brother and sister duo Tommy and Tallulah test out McCoggins’ new bubble formula.  The formula creates an unpoppable bubble that soon encompasses the whole town.  It’s up to Hopperoo to figure the problem out in order to get everyone released for chime time. Continue reading »