Apr 012014

I participated in this program on behalf of Champions for Kids and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile you’ve heard me mention Champions for Kids and their SIMPLE giving projects.  I’ve participated in a number of their projects in the past, from collecting school supplies, to donating books, to collecting and donating oral care supplies.  It’s fun to take Bubbles with me to pick out items and then relay the concept of giving to her as we do.

Colgate and Champions for Kids SIMPLE Giving Project

Champions for Kids has recently partnered with Colgate to kick off another SIMPLE giving project.  Oral care is such an important thing, and most oral care issues are preventable with the correct regimen.  And because the donations collected through SIMPLE giving projects are distributed in your local community, you know the help you’re providing may be going to help the family right down the street. Continue reading »

Aug 072013

I was able to shop for and donate healthy snacks for kids as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias.  All thoughts and words are my own.

Last month I had the opportunity to share with you ways that you could give back in your community.  This month I have another new way for you to get involved!  You can join myself – and many others – in purchasing healthy snacks for kids in the Dole Champions for Kids August project.

Our Dole Fruit Bowls and Dole Squish'ems Donations for Our #Dole4Kids Donation #shop

The number of people that go hungry in the United States every day is sad and, for many, startling.  Considering that the US has always been looked at as the land of plenty, you just don’t expect it.  But as kids return to school this month, many of them will be worrying not about having the right notebook, but about whether or not they will have enough to eat to get them through the day. Continue reading »

Apr 172013

I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of State Farm and I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

When I was in college I had the opportunity to serve as the Community Service Chairperson for our Student Government Association.  I helped to arrange community service involvement and participation for our student body with a number of local and national organizations.  Some of them were walks, some were hands-on activities like building houses, some were collecting food or supplies.

One of my favorite projects we participated in, however, was building a playground from scratch.  There was a neighborhood within walking distance of the college that had a large population of kids, but there was no place nearby for them to play safely.  So they polled the kids to find out what elements they would like to have in a new playground.  Funds were collected and then we spent 48 hours straight – even through the night – and built them a brand new play space.  It was exciting to see how much something simple could transform both a neighborhood and the people living in it. Continue reading »