Jul 162013

Filling stockings at Christmastime is one of my favorite parts of the whole holiday.  There were many stocking traditions in my family.  Some evolved over time and some are still a tradition to this day.

As kids, we each had a stocking hanging in our bedrooms; they usually only had one or two items in them but they were great for kicking off the excitement as soon as our feet hit the floor.  Then we moved downstairs to the tree, where our stockings – beautiful, hand-knitted stockings that my aunt made each of us – had been left hanging from the fireplace the previous night.  Now they would be lying on the floor, filled to bursting.

We also had stockings waiting for us at my grandparents’ house a few hours later (some day I will fill you in on our entire tradition, which once included a phone call to my Grandmother at 3:30 in the morning).  Everyone in the family had one – my Gram had made them all.  For awhile my grandparents were responsible for filling them, but as the grandchildren multiplied and got older, we would all buy a couple of items for everyone else’s stocking.  It was fun to guess who had purchased what. Continue reading »

Aug 282012

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Growing up, I was really never into boxing.  I have two younger brothers; I saw all the fighting I needed, live and for free.  All of my brothers friends, though, would call them up and say “hey, there’s a fight tonight, want to come over and watch?”.  I thought maybe it was just one of those guy things I’d never understand.

When I was in college, however, people would hang out in the main lobbies where the big TVs were housed.  It was here that I was introduced to the sport of mixed martial arts fighting.  To me, this was different than just beating each other in the face (though there’s some of that) and I really enjoyed it.  I even ended up taking a semester of karate. Continue reading »