Nov 022015

The holidays are near – scarily so, as I’ve done some procrastinating this year – and everywhere you go there are reminders that the gift giving season is upon us.  If you’re planning large shared purchases or group gift-giving this year then you need to check out Giftfund, a new mobile app that’s specifically designed to make that task easier.

Group gift-giving made easy with the new Giftfund app
Thanks to Giftfund for partnering with me to share their app with you!

The Giftfund app is available on both Android and iOS devices as a free download.  It allows you to select a gift or gifts for a particular recipient, and then invite family and friends to join and contribute to the cost.  You can select gifts in a variety of price ranges, and then wait and see which one you are able to collectively afford. Continue reading »

Oct 312015

I’ve always taken a lot of pictures. Most of my friends would have months’ worth of photos on a single roll whereas I was developing a roll every week or two. Sometimes I ended up with great photos, and sometimes I ended up with a big blur.

Adobe Photoshop Elements lets you capture photos now and perfect them through editing later

Luckily photos went digital during my lifetime, because after Bubbles was born the amount of photos I took intensified a lot. And as a blogger, that number grew yet again. Now I can capture photos in the moment, then try and perfect them later through editing. Continue reading »

Oct 172015

I’ve always found technology exciting and I love finding new ways to incorporate it into our life.  So I was really excited when we had the opportunity to add the Philips hue personal wireless lighting system into our home.  And let me just tell you, once you have wireless lighting in your home, you’re never going to want to be without it again.

Turn your home into your own personal color canvas with Philips Hue wireless lights

When I first read about the Philips hue system I thought it would be great as a home security feature.  Normally someone is at home, but if we all happen to be gone at once, we could set timers on the lights and everything would be well-lit whether we were actually there or not.  And it is great for that – and so much more. Continue reading »

Aug 022015

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I spent the first eighteen years of my life living in the same house in Maine.  Since then I’ve lived in two different parts of Florida in two different decades, and now here in Kentucky.  Suffice to say at this point I have friends and family spread over the majority of the country.

5 Ways to Stay in Touch Long-Distance with friends and family around the country (or even world).

So how do you keep close ties when there are so many miles between you?  Here are my top five suggestions to make sure you never lose touch with the ones you care about. Continue reading »

Jul 292015

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As I mentioned the other day, Austin has officially left for basic training.  The day he left was bittersweet: we’re proud of his accomplishments and the journey he’s undertaking, but we’re also going to miss him.  It’s the first time I remember him being away from home for more than a few days so it will be a big adjustment all around.

Saying bye-bye to Austin at the airport as he leaves for basic training

As hard as it is for “the grownups” I know it’s going to be even harder for Bubbles.  She adores Austin and loves spending time with her big bro.  It’s hard to explain to a 4-year-old why it is that we can’t just call him up and have him come over for dinner. Continue reading »