Nov 022015
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The holidays are near – scarily so, as I’ve done some procrastinating this year – and everywhere you go there are reminders that the gift giving season is upon us.  If you’re planning large shared purchases or group gift-giving this year then you need to check out Giftfund, a new mobile app that’s specifically designed to make that task easier.

Group gift-giving made easy with the new Giftfund app
Thanks to Giftfund for partnering with me to share their app with you!

The Giftfund app is available on both Android and iOS devices as a free download.  It allows you to select a gift or gifts for a particular recipient, and then invite family and friends to join and contribute to the cost.  You can select gifts in a variety of price ranges, and then wait and see which one you are able to collectively afford.

Group gift-giving is simplified with the new Giftfund app - select a gift, invite friends, send your gift!

Everything is handled directly through the app which is really convenient.  Invite people from your contacts list, add them manually, or send them an event code they can enter into the app and join on their own.  Once your goal is reached or the event “ends” you’ll be able to have the gift shipped.

A few more details you may be wondering about:

  • The app’s search function pulls products from Amazon and all items are ordered through Amazon
  • Shipping is currently limited to the United States only
  • If you created the giftfund you can make changes to the gift options even after the event has started
  • Events can stay open up to 6 months
  • If there is still a positive balance after the gift(s) are purchased, the remaining balance is used to purchase a gift card for a national retailer (like Amazon).
  • You can create a Giftfund for yourself if you’d like to share your wishlist with friends and family

The Giftfund app simplifies group gift-giving by tracking contributions, participants, and shipping

If you’ve ever tried to organize a group anything, you know that it can be kind of a headache.  This keeps you from having to keep track of who has or hasn’t paid or trying to keep the funds separate from your own finances.  It also gives you more time to order the gift, as you’re not waiting on anyone to drop a check or money off to you; it’s right on the app.

I can see this being a good option for my brothers and I when we’re trying to make purchases for our parents.  Living in separate states makes it a challenge, but now none of us have to mail anything to each other just to get a gift selected.  Anything that simplifies life around the holidays sounds great to me!

Who will you surprise with a Giftfund gift?

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