Feb 022014
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There is so much amazing Disney movie news right now, I want to be sure you don’t miss a thing.  Check out below for all-new trailers, posters, sneak peeks and more about your favorite upcoming Disney, Marvel, and DreamWorks Studios titles.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Solider - Nick Fury #CaptainAmericaMarvel's Captain America: The Winter Solider #CaptainAmerica
Upcoming Disney Movie Releases: Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Solider #CaptainAmericaMarvel's Captain America: The Winter Solider - Black Widow #CaptainAmerica
The world-premiere of the new full-length trailer for Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Solider premiered during the Big Game earlier today.  You can check out both the 30-second Big Game spot AND the full-length trailer below, and check out the new movie posters above.  This is one of the top movies we’re looking forward to this year so I was excited to see all the coverage!  Can’t wait until April 4th!

Muppets Most Wanted

Upcoming Disney Movie Releases: Muppets Most Wanted #MuppetsMostWanted

You may have also caught an extended look at Disney’s Muppets Most Wanted during the Big Game.  (There were also lots of commercials featuring some notable Muppets.)  Check it out below, then catch it when it steals the screen on March 21st.  That’s right around my birthday, so I know what I’ll be asking for this year: movie tickets!

Need for Speed

Upcoming Disney Movie Releases - DreamWorks Studios' Need for Speed #NFSMovie

Did you catch the Big Game spot for DreamWork Studio’s Need for Speed?  As soon as the commercial came on, before anything other than cars were on the screen, my husband looked at me and said “That’s ‘Need for Speed’, isn’t it?”.  Can you tell we watch movie trailers around here a little?  If you missed it during the game check it out below – and the extended look, too – then plan to catch hold when Need for Speed zooms into theaters in Real 3D, 3D, and other formats on March 14th.


Upcoming Disney Movie Releases: Disney's Maleficent #Maleficent

A week ago during the Grammy Awards, Disney presented a new 90-second sneak peak of Maleficent which is pretty amazing.  Award-winning, American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has recorded a unique reimagining of the renowned fairy-tale tune from Disney’s classic animated film “Sleeping Beauty,” which will feature in the end credits of the upcoming Disney film.

Until the end of the day tomorrow, February 3rd, you can download Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon a Time” for free, an exclusive on Google Play.  And check out that 90-second spot below!

Which of the upcoming Disney movie releases are you most excited for?

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  12 Responses to “Disney Movie Releases: New Trailers and Posters”

  1. I won’t be seeing the Muppets, but the others one I most likely will. Maleficent is the one I’d like to see the most!

  2. That’s a great line up of Disney movies to look forward to. I hope I’ll get the chance to see them all.

  3. love all of the movies coming out! I’m excited about Captain America

  4. This seems like a very nice selection of movies. It is nice to know god entertainment is on the horizon.

  5. My crew loves all of these. Me? I love the popcorn and Starbucks that our local theater sells.

  6. Oh man those movies look awesome! I think I’ll have to Maleficent, Need for Speed and Captain America please! lol

  7. I can NOT wait for Maleficent! I am so going to the theaters to see that. I’m also really interested in the Captain America sequel and vaguely interested in Need for Speed. Video games really need this to be a good one :)

  8. We’ll watch them all I’m sure, but I’m a nerdy Captain America fan :-) Maleficent looks neat too.

  9. I like all movies coming out – there’s so many to choose from I’m very excited about Captain America for sure.

  10. I’m most excited for the Muppets. My kids can’t wait to see it!

  11. Captain America and Maleficent look amazing!! I’m also really excited to see Noah. Great list!

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