Dec 102013
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I received the Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch in order to facilitate my review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I can remember spending literally hours as a child playing with my Lincoln Logs.  I don’t recall which one it was, but I do know that they were a Christmas gift (there’s photo evidence to help my memory).  The rest of that day and many days into the future I would lay on the floor, carefully fitting the logs into dozens of different patterns.

Lincoln Logs were a tradition that I knew I wanted to share with Bubbles.  They inspire creativity, building skills, and imagination, which are great elements for playtime.  Plus it was something I could play with her that I already knew I enjoyed.

Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch

Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch Set - a Toys 'R Us Exclusive

I recently learned that K’NEX had released some new Lincoln Log sets – like the Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch (available exclusively at Toys ‘R Us).  There 124 of the same classic wooden logs that I played with, plus a few updated additions like plastic roofs and window and door inserts.  The Redfield Ranch also has two figurines that a ranch wouldn’t be complete without: a cowboy and a horse.

Lincoln Logs are Made with Real Wood - a Classic Since 1916

The Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch set is recommended for ages 3 and up so I thought it would be appropriate for Bubbles as a starting set.  She has already had as much fun playing with them as I did when I was young.  Fortunately Daddy was a fan growing up of Lincoln Logs, too, so she has a second architect she can play with.

Building with the Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch Set

Building with the Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch Set

There are included step-by-step instructions for different building options.  You can easily just use the “log” container that the Lincoln Logs come in as a guide for creating the house.  And of course half the fun of any construction set is coming up with your own designs!

Building with the Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch Set

As I mentioned, the Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch set is only available Toys ‘R Us but plenty of other Lincoln Log sets can be found on Amazon, at Target, and other national retailers.

With whom would you like to build Lincoln Logs?

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  22 Responses to “Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch Set – Reliving a Favorite Childhood Toy”

  1. I loved Lincoln Logs as a child. And they are durable too! My kids played with the set I had as a child over at my parents.

  2. My grandma had these while I was growing up! I loved them!

  3. i LOVED my lincoln logs growing up. we used to spend hours and hours setting things up and playing with whatever figures or dolls we had nearby

  4. I love the Lincoln logs! I had those growing up and they were definitely my favorite! I spent hours playing with them building corrals for my toy animals and houses. Oh the memories!

  5. I have to look into getting my kids some Lincoln Logs. I can see my 3 year old having a blast with this

  6. My son used to have hours and hours of fun with these.

  7. I LOVED Lincoln Logs growing up!!! Such a cute set to be creative and build something with!

  8. we bought two set for my nephews for their third birthday and they are a hit! who doesn’t like to build something?!

  9. I used to love Lincoln Logs when I was a kid. My cousin had this huge set and we’d always play with them when I visited him. Would it be weird for me to buy some for myself as an adult? LOL!

  10. I have never played with Lincoln Logs or even seen them in person, is that shocking? I do think they are a great idea and one I may consider buying for my kids in a few years.

  11. I loved Lincoln Logs growing up. It is so cool to see that they are still in production and updated for 2014.

  12. Lincoln Logs are the best ever! I could play with these all day and design my log cabin over and over again! :)

  13. My son had a Lincoln Log set when he was younger. He used to play with it for hours!

  14. Oh the memories!! I LOVED to play with Lincoln Logs as a kid!

  15. So cute! I would love to build Lincoln Logs with my nephews, I think they would adore this set!

  16. We love Lincoln Logs and my kids would love this new set!

  17. We love Lincoln Logs. They are one of the toys that I enjoy really playing with my kids.

  18. I have fond memories of these myself. I still have the ones from my kids because they’re such a classic.

  19. I loved playing with Lincoln Logs as a kid too! These are so great for kid’s creativity!

  20. I would love to build some Lincoln Logs with my daughter. We love building toys. They are so much fun.

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